Thirty Eight. What?

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Somehow, time flew by and I'm 38 weeks pregnant today.
I know, I can't believe it either!
Everyone told me that being pregnant is the slowest thing in the whole world.
I disagree, I feel like this pregnancy FLEW by!
I oddly found myself sad that soon, I won't be feeling her little kicks and hiccups inside my tummy anymore. 
However, I'm so happy and excited that I get to trade those kicks felt on the inside for baby snuggles and kisses on the outside :)
Her nursery is complete, the hospital bags are packed, her name is confirmed, the car seat is in the car, everything is checked off my list, her clothes are all washed and put away, and I truly don't believe we could be more ready for her. If you ever really are "ready" ;)
So little Miss O, we're ready when you are :)
I had an appointment on Friday.
 I was dilated to a 2, her head is down, and her heartbeat was MUCH lower than usual.
The nurse brought it up with Dr. Jones and they decided a non stress test was in order.
Insert first time mom panic.
I immediately began praying that all would be well and couldn't take my hands off my tummy.
Sitting there for 30 minutes listening to her little heartbeat was music to my ears, but seeing that it wasn't accelerating at all like it should be had me, and the nurse, a little worried.
We tried numerous things to get her to move but sleepy head was not at all interested in showing off.
The nurse left the room and said we would wait a little longer before we tried the "taser" I like to call it. (a little zappy thing that makes a noise to wake up sleepy babies)
I didn't like the idea of it so I started talking to my little girl asking her to please show them that she's a healthy little one.
A few seconds later, she woke up.
And we were out of there in 5 more minutes :)
We have a special bond already ;)
I thought we were in the clear and my worrying stopped, but I got a call yesterday from a nurse telling me Dr. Jones felt it necessary for me to do another test at the hospital. 
Though I was flattered that the receptionist thought I was there to visit someone and not for myself, I was still worried. So this time, I brought her daddy.
She must have inherited some stubbornness from her mother because once again, she was doing nothing. Like at all.
After seeing almost flat lines for much too long, another nurse came in and turned me on my side.
She wasn't as comfy that way because she began wiggling away and after an hour and a half of trying to get her to move, we were able to leave.
She's already scaring me and her life hasn't even began!
But the nurses assured me there was nothing wrong.
Oh, I also really enjoyed watching my contractions that I can't seem to feel.
One more story...
Last night I had the best dream I've ever had.
I dreamed that my sweet baby girl was born.
The dream fairy was nice enough to skip the whole labor part and fast forward straight to the first time I held her.
She was a little pink bundle with lots of brown hair and big brown eyes.
I loved her instantly and thought she fit absolutely perfect on my chest.
I have never woken up happier.
Except maybe the day after our wedding, but that's different.
I cannot wait to meet her!
And to see how much truth that dream holds :)

How Far Along: 38 weeks! And feeling it...
Maternity clothes: Same as always. Maternity jeans are a lifesaver. I'm really gonna miss them.
Weight Gain: Ha! The nurse asked me what my current weight is today and I told her I hadn't looked at the scale in longer than I can remember. She smiled understandingly. 
Showing: YES! I have a baby girl baby bump!
Sleep: I wish :( I guess it's time to say bye bye to sleep for like... the rest of my life. I wake up about every 2 hours and can't fall asleep again for another hour. 
Best moment this week: Completely finishing her nursery and seeing progression at my appointments :)
Weird pregnancy moment: Crying. Like all the time.
Movement: Less and less. But tons around 2 am. She likes to move, just not when she's supposed to ha.
Food Cravings: Rubios fish tacos, Cafe Rio/Costa Vida grilled chicken salad, smoothies still, in n out with lotsss of extra special sauce, peanut butter and chocolate, and bread. yuuumm
Anything making you queasy: No! Hallelujah!
Gender: All things girl. and if they're wrong, we're gonna have a serious problem because she has a whole lot of pink.
Best advice learned: Baby Wise. 100% Thank you thank you thank you mom!
 What I'm looking forward to: My baby girl! Not delivery, I'm actually becoming more and more nervous about labor. But holding her, yeah that sounds dreamy :)

I almost wanna make this my screen saver. Weird? It just melted my heart while doing laundry the other day. Baby, mommy, daddy! A family of 3 :)

A snuggly, pretty, pink, car seat for a little baby girl :)

Seeing daddy carrying her car seat to the car may have made me a little teary eyed. He looks so good as a dad ;)

That red line, that's her heartbeat. See how flat it was at first? That blue line, that's my contractions. That can't seem to be felt...

And that's all for now!
Maybe just maybe this will be my last update until she's born! :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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  1. so exciting!!!! hope baby girl is all healthy! isaac and i have been thinking about you and hunter! we are so excited for you two :)

    xo, k