December Trips

Saturday, January 24, 2015
Wait how is January almost over?
I swear I was just home for Christmas...
December/January FLEW by for us. 
We were traveling so much of the time that it went by in a blink.
We went coast to coast, back to Utah, then to San Diego, back to Utah, back to San Diego, and now we're in Utah once again!
My doctor was not happy...

BYU football was invited to the Miami Beach Bowl this year!
What an amazing experience!
Seriously SO fun!
The boys went up a few days earlier than the wives so it must have been a pretty fun sight seeing about 30 BYU football wives all flying on a redeye together ha.
The hotel was AMAZING.
Like right on the beach amazing. 
The boys also had lots of free time so we were able to make it a "babymoon" of some sorts filled with yummy food, lots of laying on the beach, and being with good friends.
It was so relaxing having the entire trip paid for with so much to do.
Most meals were in the hotel and if we got hungry throughout the day the hospitality room was almost always open.
Think a huge room with a ton of flat screens for video games, ping pong, corn hole, board games, a huge screen playing current bowl games, a popcorn machine, a nacho bar, a smoothie bar, pretzels, churros, favorites from the creamery including ice cream, huge drink fridges, and a whole lot more snacks. 
The game was at Marlins Park.
I'm sad to say we lost in double overtime but it was still a really great game and I had so much fun!
Thank you BYU for that incredible experience!

We then flew home for the holidays and had so much fun spending time with family.
There were so many fun things to do every day and it sure made it hard to leave.
We both also agree that the west coast, is most definitely the best coast ;)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


  1. fast forward 4 months and i would've been able to go with my fiancé! :( so fun that you were able to go to miami! it sounds like it was an amazing week :)

    xo, kiely @ pocket of blossoms

    1. When do you guys get married?? I'll have to remember to add you to the wives Facebook page after! Congrats! Marriage is so fun! :)

  2. That would be so awesome! May 9th :) we can't wait!