It's Time to Meet Your Mom

Monday, February 16, 2015
Go for a really long walk, eat spicy food, go on a bumpy car ride, drink castor oil, think positive labor thoughts, do jumping jacks, rub your belly clockwise, do squats, gallop like a horse, do lunges, bounce on an exercise ball... I've heard it all and, done quite a bit of it. 
We are SO anxious to meet this little girl!

My due date is Tuesday, so I'm not yet over due... But I just don't think she'll come Tuesday. 
Thinking about waiting any longer is killing me. 
My doctor has to remind me every week that she has no idea her due date is the 17th.
She doesn't have a reminder or an alarm set on her iPhone, she'll be here when she is ready.
Problem is, her mommy is getting impatient ;)

Tonight after dinner hunter found me on all fours on a rug (because I read on Pinterest that someone's water broke while doing that... Yes I'm desperate) and feeling discouraged that the contractions I was feeling while making dinner, had suddenly disappeared. 
He asked me what I wanted to do, and I responded "I just want to meet my baby girl!" 
So we got in the Jeep and drove over speed bumps. 
I'm writing this post so it clearly didn't work but it was worth a shot.
Well, while in the car we heard the sweetest song and I'm a big pregnant mess listening to it again. 
The lyrics are just so sweet. 
So little baby O, please come soon. 
It's time to meet your mom :)

All my love, 
Aleigh Joy

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