Valentine's Day 2015

Monday, February 16, 2015
Hunter and I are going on 7 years of knowing each other.
Of those 7 years, this is the first Valentine's Day that we have spent together.
In high school there was either a basketball game we had to be at or it was on a school night and just not that big of a deal.
Then he served his mission and that's two more years apart.
Last year we were engaged but I was in San Diego and he was in Utah.
So, it was sooo much fun to finally be able to spend this day of love together :)

We really didn't plan much being that our little one is due any day now, but it was still the most perfect day.
Hunter woke up early, as always, but let me sleep in a little longer.
He did homework, unloaded the dishwasher, and went to go help someone move.
When I woke up I saw a white board with a little message from my Valentine and it made me giggle and smile because he's such a sweetie.
I then found a rose and some reeses! He knows the way to my heart ;)
It was the fist time I have ever gotten a flower on Valentine's Day and I felt so giddy.
I made a huge brunch for Hunter because food is his favorite gift and wrote him a sappy card.
We then went for a nice long walk and snuggled.
Around 5 we decided to head out to grab something to eat.
A yummy pizza place in the mall was doing a Valentine's buy one get one free special. 
It was delish and cheap ;)
We then walked around the mall and every single store we went in, was for children.
Ha! But, it was so much fun looking at the little clothes and Hunter admitted that little girl clothes are so much more fun and cute than boy clothes haha
Dessert was coldstone ice cream, and we finished the night by watching the notebook in comfy clothes with a big bowl of popcorn and my mascara dripping down my face because seriously... I forgot how sad that movie is at the end!
It was a low key day and so perfect and special to both of us.
We love celebrating holidays and really enjoyed our first Valentine's Day together :)

And to my Valentine this year and every year after:
I love you Moore than anything in the world and I could not have chosen anyone better to spend eternity with. You are my better half and my very best friend. I'll love you always and forever :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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