Halloween '14

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Halloween definitely wasn't my favorite holiday growing up
I don't like scary anything. I tried to like it during one phase in my life.
Then I stayed up all night thinking a birthday balloon was a person.
Never again.
Good thing I married a guy that enjoys the "fall" side of Halloween much more than the scary part of it just like me!
This isn't our first Halloween together since we "dated" before marriage but it sure was fun having a husband to celebrate this "holiday" together :)

Every time I've ever carved a pumpkin, I get frustrated and just kinda give up.
So I was quite pleased that all I had to do was draw the outline for Hunter to carve.
I also washed, dried, and baked the seeds!
Also, we listened to Christmas music the entire time we carved our pumpkin.

Did you ever "boo" anyone growing up?
I hope you did.
It's seriously so much fun :)
Hunter and I did together this year and we loved it!
We sure can't wait to share these traditions with baby girl next year and every year to follow :)
Here's the link for the printable just in case you plan on doing it next year!

We went to a football Halloween party this year!
It was SO much fun!
I love that we have built in friends thanks to football.
One game we played was fear factor.
Hunter had to eat a ridiculous amount of jello.
He looked like he was going to throw up.
I was also paranoid the whole time that he was going to stain his white shirt,
I had to eat Harry Potter jelly beans and identify them.
I was pretty pleased with myself for knowing so many, not so pleased that I got the rotten egg flavor...
I brushed my teeth 4 times when we got home. EW!

Our couples costume involved our wee one this year!
I was so pleased with the way that shirt came out.
Who would've known my puffy paint collection from high school would be so handy later on?
Thank you Hunter for being a good sport and wearing that terrible mustache.
Ha, I love him! 

Yesterday, aka actual Halloween, Hunter was flying to Tennessee for football :(
I went to work and we took the daycare kids to the grocery store to go trick or treating! So cute :)
I also drank way too much root beer (I never drink soda!) and baby girl was not a fan of the carbonation.
Her kicks were definitely more on the aggressive side than the loving side yesterday

Well that's a wrap!
'til next year Halloween!
I'm secretly so happy that you've come and gone because I can now focus all my attention on Christmas without sounding too crazy ;)
Speaking of which... the first craft of Christmas is up on our Moore sisters blog!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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