A Thankful Heart #1 (Round 3)

Sunday, November 9, 2014
For the past few years I have dedicated a series of posts in November to recording many things I am thankful for.
They are both big and small, random and predictable, but I seriously love doing this!
November sure snuck up on me this year and I just remembered I haven't begun my thankful posts yet!
Our Christmas tree may be up (all three actually), we may watch a Christmas movie every Sunday, and Christmas music may be playing over here frequently, but that doesn't mean I have forgotten about Thanksgiving. 
So... Here's to being thankful for all the many blessings in my life :)
If you want to read from years past here ya go!

Also, I would love to read all your thankful posts too!
Let me know if you join the "thankful heart" challenge! ;)

1) My Husband
Didn't see this one coming did you? ;) I know everyone thinks their husband is the greatest and of course I think mine is as well so I'll just say, my husband is the absolute greatest man out there for ME :) I loved him the first day I met him and I can't believe I was lucky enough to marry him. He's literally everything I could have ever dreamed of in a husband. He keeps me on my toes and never ceases to make me laugh. He rubs my sore pregnant feet and thanks me for carrying our child. He is so driven to be able to support our family and focused on the bigger picture in life. He is always reminding me what it means to be Christlike and he strives to better himself every single day. Everyone he meets loves him and respects him for who he is because he is always himself. A guy on his football team told him the other day... "Hunter, you're the perfect definition of a real Mormon." I just love that! He really does practice what he preaches. He loves me in ways I've always dreamed of being loved and will go out of his way to make me happy. He helps with dishes, he sweeps the floor, he always thanks me for making dinner, he patiently listens to all I have to say, he works, he goes to school full time, he plays football, and he is thrilled to be a daddy to our little girl. I married the man of my dreams, and I am beyond thankful for him.

2) My Camera
I invested in a nice camera around this time last year. I was so skeptical to spend so much money on one toy for myself. It was my first big purchase and it took me forever to decide if it was really worth it. I'll just say, it was SO worth it! I LOVE having memories preserved forever and I love that these images are good quality. I'm working on pursuing a business in this area and will hopefully have the courage to one day really get it going. Photography has been a growing hobby of mine. I've always been the one that is rounding everyone up for a group picture. I cannot wait to take pictures of our baby girl! If you need some pictures done for Christmas cards, let me know and I would love to take pictures of you and your family :)

3) BYU
I may not attend this school, but my husband does and I am SO thankful that we are here for his education. This university is perfect for both dating life and for married life. We have met so many wonderful married friends at this school. I love that Hunter is able to take religious classes for credits and that they pray before classes. I'm SO thankful for the BYU football program and what it stands for. I love that the team does firesides, watches Mormon messages during some meetings, prays together, are able to give blessings together, and even has a wives club. What other school has a wives club? There wouldn't be enough wives! It really is a wonderful school and the spirit definitely dwells on campus. I sure hope our children decide to attend Brigham Young University one day too.

4) Food to Eat
I have never had to worry or wonder if there would be food on the table for me at dinner time. That is definitely something I have taken for granted. Since being a newlywed and trying to balance everything out on a small budget, I have really understood how blessed I am to always have a warm meal in front of me. I LOVE cooking. I'm so thankful I am able to continue pursuing that love by cooking for my husband and being able to get all the ingredients I need. 

I'll end there today.
Those are just a few things I am constantly feeling thankful for, but there are many more to come!
I love keeping a list throughout my week and jotting down things I'm thankful for.
I love the happiness it brings me knowing that this life I'm living may not be perfect, but it is so so wonderful :)

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