25 Down. 15 To Go!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Hey, look! A baby bump!
I figured I should probably do more little updates before baby girl is here!
Because seriously, the time is going by SO fast!
She has a pile of clothes, a rocking chair, crib coming soon, hopefully a dresser in the near future, a bottle, a pacifier, diapers, and even some baby food. 
This is really beginning to feel Moore and more real.
We talk about her often and hope she's comforted by our voices. 
She totally already loves Taylor Swift, and pumpkin bread.
I think she's a daddy's girl already. Whenever she's sitting funny and Hunter tells her to move, she does. Like right away. I tell her to move, and she stays put. 
I found out that I have really low blood pressure. I guess that's better than high!
The glucose test will be happening at my next appointment. I'm less than thrilled about fasting for 12 hours.
If the whole saying that the more heartburn you have, the more hair your child will have is true... then baby girl will be born with hair clear down her back. THANK GOODNESS FOR ZANTAC!
I've been feeling really good for the most part.
Even though I'm getting really sick of the sharp pain I get when I sneeze, I wouldn't trade this experience for the world :)

How Far Along? 25 Weeks!
Weight Gain: I don't even know, I'm just trying not to care...
 Maternity Clothes? Still totally loving my maternity pants! So far I'm loving my motherhood maternity ones (and all the coupons they gave me) but the H&M ones are really awesome too. I'm able to wear all my old shirts still. and truthfully minus a few, I probably will the whole time. I've always liked looser fitting clothes.
 Sleep? Still sleeping like it's all I know how to do. I blame the fact that I wake up having to pee so often so I'm still tired once my alarm goes off. I mean I might as well sleep now right?
 Best moment this week? There were THREE baby blessings at church Sunday! Two were girls. I don't know the families but I still teared up picturing my sweet husband blessing our little girl :) Also, picturing her in the most darling pink ruffle dress she now has! Oh, and receiving a sweet package from my mom :)
 Weird pregnancy moment? Seeing my belly button poke out a little. That was definitely a weird sight for me. Also, running across the street and feeling slightly off balance... I was a gymnast and a cheerleader... I've always had balance. Now I run across the street and feel like I've never ran in my life! 
 Movement: Oh yes, little missy doesn't let me forget about her. She especially likes to have girl talk at 2 in the morning.
 Food Cravings: Salt, yogurt, almond milk, LOTS AND LOTS OF WATER, orange juice, and bread to name a few ;)
 Anything making you queasy? Even though meat almost never sounds good... I wouldn't say it makes me queasy anymore. So that's good!
 Gender: They're still telling us it's a girl! Which is perfectly exciting to me :)
 What I'm looking forward to: Looking pregnant instead of just "possibly pregnant" haha. 
Best Advice Learned So Far: Just ignore everyone. Okay not everyyyoneee but I'm pretty much just listening to my mom and a select few others at this point. I'll also pretend I didn't hear the "I bet your husband wishes you were having a boy" remarks. The "Just wait, your heartburn will be much worse soon!" And the "Oh look! You're starting to get fat!" comments. Like, really people? Oh well. 

There ya have it!
The 25 week update :)
I can't believe we're already over halfway done until we meet this little girl! :)

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