A Thankful Heart #2 (Round 3)

Monday, November 17, 2014
The weeks have seriously been feeling like days lately. 
I cannot believe how close Christmas is.
I can't believe that baby girl will be here (exactly) 3 months from today!
I can't believe football season is almost over. 
I can't believe 2015 is coming so soon.
Time is just crazy to me.
It always has been, but more so than ever lately.
So, here's to another week in November and another week to be thankful :)

1) My Baby Girl
I'm sure that half of the people I know think that I'm crazy for purposefully getting pregnant at 20 years old about 3 months into our marriage. But to me, she is the greatest blessing already. I really do feel that she is bringing Hunter and I closer together in a way we didn't expect. I love him deeper because we have created a life together. It's still crazy to me, that the two of us will be parents so soon but I really do think we are as ready as we'll ever be. She occupies a lot of our conversations and brings us so much joy. I cherish every sweet kick, even when she wakes me up early in the morning. We have three stockings hanging up right now. When I hung hers, I had to hold back the tears. I'm a mother now, I have a daughter, we are a family of three, and I've dreamed of this day for SO long. She has a name, and has for quite a while, and we really love it. Because we love it, we aren't exactly "announcing" it quite yet because I don't want anyone else's thoughts or opinions to persuade me otherwise. But I will tell you that she is taking my middle name, and it truly could not be more fitting. She has already brought us so much Joy, and I know she will continue to do so throughout the years. We sure love her :)

2) Both of Our Families
I must admit that I was a little nervous as to how getting married will change your relationship with the family you grew up with. I'm so glad that it hasn't changed much and that even though we are beginning a family of our own, we still are close to our own parents and siblings. 
I love going back to San Diego and seeing everyone. I also love when they come visit us! My parents just came for the weekend and it was so much fun seeing them and talking to them. I love the relationships we have with our family members and that they will always be there to love and support us. I'm so excited to see my parents become grandparents and Hunter's to become grandparents (for the 7th time) to our little girl. I know she will love all of them and feel so comfortable with her families. I love that Heavenly Father gave us families and has blessed me with truly the best families out there. 

3) Hot Water, and a Heater
I don't think I've ever been so thankful for a heater than I was on Saturday night. It was 27 degrees with wind at the BYU game. It felt like it was 10 degrees. I really should invest in a heavier coat... We got back to the condo and I could finally feel my toes. Taking a warm shower was the best feeling. I've always loved warm showers but I was SO appreciative of it this weekend. And will continue to be as the weather gets even colder. 

4) Knowledge
Knowledge truly is power and I'm beginning to realize that more and more as I get older. I didn't always try my hardest in school. I wish I could go back in time now and change that. Though there were definitely certain things we learned that I feel I'll never really need in life, there are plenty of other things we learned that I wish I would've paid more attention to. Being "book smart" however, is not the only way to gain knowledge. I'm grateful that my parents took me to other countries growing up and that I was able to see so many historical sights and gain a better understanding of other cultures. I'm grateful for the knowledge I've gained religiously, creatively, and academically. I have been trying more and more to push myself into spending my time learning about all the things there are to learn about instead of zoning out and looking at my phone. I'm also grateful for the knowledge I'm so close to gaining when I  become a mother. 

'til next week my friends!
Also, I'm grateful for all of you that responded to my post about $30 shoots! I'm so excited for each of them!
I still have some slots open before we leave Provo and would love to do pictures for my San Diego friends when we come home for Christmas! 
Email me, text me, or leave a comment to set up a time :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy 

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