That's Our Kind Of Love

Friday, September 28, 2012

Letters from my missionary make me feel giddy.
They completely change my mood.
I instantly feel warm and connected to him.
I decided to open and read my letter in front of my web cam, I put it on a timer, and a continuous picture mode. 
When looking at the pictures I immediately thought, well I look silly...
But then I realized how one letter really can make me THAT happy.
Sure I look silly, but that's our kind of love :)

Since I am on the topic of talking about my missionary, I might as well brag about him a little longer since he never does for himself. Such a humble soul.
Take a quick look at THIS article, and follow it to THIS list.
See the name Hunter Moore?
That's right friends it is pretty clear that BYU is proclaiming him to be one of their very own football players!
Oh the joy and the excitement!
Fingers crossed that his name will be on the back of one of their jerseys one day.

As for now though, he is called to serve and we couldn't be any happier that he is a serving a mission :)

All my love,
Aleigh  Joy

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