Mouthwatering Monday: Bombshell Brownies

Monday, September 17, 2012
Let's be honest, sometimes we all just need a pick me up on a Monday.
I firmly believe that something sweet will do just the trick. Especially with the holiday season quickly approaching.

Bombshell Brownies!

I feel slightly silly for naming them that, but oh well... They are quite delish.

This brownie is a triple chocolate chunk brownie with a graham cracker crust and peanut butter whipped cream frosting. Yes, I went there.


For the brownies
- 1 package ghiradelli triple chocolate brownies

For the crust
- 1 package smashed graham crackers
1/4 cup white sugar
-1/4 cup brown sugar
-1/2 stick melted butter

For the frosting
- 1 stick of butter
-1/2 cup shortening
- 1 tblsp vanilla extract
- A pinch of salt
- 1 cup peanut butter (creamy or chunky)
- About 1/4 cup heavy whipping cream
- About 8 cups powdered sugar, but just use until desired consistency is reached
- And fudge sauce to drizzle on top

And now for the step by step process!

First preheat the oven to whatever the package of brownies desires
These can be found at most grocery stores, but costco sells them in bulk

Then add the ingredients needed and mix

Set the batter aside once fully mixed and move on to the graham cracker crust

Put the grahams in a ziploc and use a meat tenderizer to turn into crumbs

(disclaimer: I doubled my recipe when I made them so my pictures will have a larger quantity)

Add melted butter and sugars. Use your hands to mush it all together to make crust consistency.

It should look pretty crumbly

Pat the crumbs down into desired baking dish until a crust forms

Pour batter over the crust and bake to the time on the brownie box

At this point I got really hungry so I made myself chicken and broccoli while the brownies were baking :)

Once the timer goes off, check the middle with a toothpick. If it comes out clean or close to it they are ready!

Next, add butter, shortening, vanilla, salt, and peanut butter to a bowl
Whip with a hand mixer

Alternate adding in powdered sugar and whipping cream until the frosting is light and fluffy. Give or take my measurements a little, just use your best judgement. 

After the brownies have cooled completely I evenly distributed the frosting and swirled hot fudge topping to make them look pretty :)

And there you have it!
Bombshell brownies :)

Have a very "sweet" Monday :)
-Aleigh Joy

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  1. Oh my delicious! :) I think I need to make a trip to Cali so I might taste these lovely brownies. ...and to see my favorite people in Cali! :)