Isn't she lovely

Friday, September 7, 2012
Wednesdays are usually pretty much a blah day.
In high school it was ALWAYS my longest block day and I could not stand it.
Its not Friday and you are just so excited for the weekend, or at least I am.
Its the middle of the week and makes you feel like you have so much time left in the week. 
Yeah I've never really liked em.

However, this week I was looking forward to it!
I had plans to spend time with my lovely friend Amber Gallegos who I have known for what seems like forever.
Can I just get sidetracked for a minute and talk about how lovely Amber is?
Okay cool, I will.

Amber and I started out in good old elementary school where we had a few friendly competitions. Such as the girls party that her friend at the time wasn't invited to resulting in a little argument... Then there was the whole 5th grade presidential election, well we don't need to discuss that. Anywho, we survived and entered middle school where we got even closer. We used to have sleep overs and talk about our lives for hours and hours while doing each others hair and makeup or baking cookies. We would dress up and take cute pictures or make Hannah Montana music videos :) By the time high school rolled around we both ended up in a little bit of a different circle of friends, but out of almost anyone there i always trusted Amber the most. We could not say a word to each other for a month, then pick up right where we left off and catch up for hours. We would never judge the other because we understood that life gets hard and we just need to figure it our for ourselves. We confide in each other and I'm pretty sure we always will. Amber is one of the strongest most beautiful people I have ever known. I have watched her grow into such an amazing young woman over the years and I'm so thankful I have had that opportunity. Dearest Amber, you're a true friend :)

So, I decided to take this lovely friend of mine on a "date" Wednesday night, and I'm proud to say it went very well. I would make such an awesome boyfriend. 

So I took her to Moonlight beach for a little picnic

We got to watch the San Diego Sunset!

We found a guy to take our picture... he happened to be a photographer, score!

We felt Anthony's presence

On the menu was Sprouts deli sandwiches and lemon Italian soda

This was before the dang pigeons attacked our food...
But we still got to eat it, minus half of mine they demolished ha.

She is beautiful

And this is me.

Thank you Amber for a not so "blah" Wednesday
I'm so lucky to have a wonderful friend like you :)

All my love, 
Aleigh Joy

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