Cambria Taylor Moore: A Birth Story

Monday, September 4, 2017

Cambria has been in our lives for three weeks now and even though we're still trying to find our new normal, in a way it feels like she's always been here. I miss my sleep (haha) but I'm so thankful for this sweet baby and the addition she is to our family already. I have no doubt that she came when she was supposed to. (even though this isn't the easiest time for our family)

When I was about 34 weeks, my doctor brought up inducing me at 39 weeks. I was hesitant and didn't really want to but was also open to the idea. The more I thought about it and weighed out the pros and cons, I decided inducing before my due date just wasn't the way I wanted to go. Oaklyn was 5 days late and I took a while to progress so I figured it would be similar with my second pregnancy. I was worried that my body just wouldn't be ready and I'd end up with a c-section. However, the convenience of being induced was definitely still in my mind. Since we live far away from family I was worried about not having someone I trust to watch oaks during the birth and while I was in the hospital, my sister not being able to come, and my mom not making it on time. So, we decided to schedule an induction two days after my due date so everyone we needed could be here and I could let Baby C cook a little longer. I kept hoping I'd just go into labor on my own but that just didn't happen. The day before the 14th my mom and sister came and we spent some time in the mountains. It was refreshing and a good distraction from thinking about the next morning. I power walked up the canyon and still felt absolutely nothing haha. When I put Oaklyn to bed that night, it was as if she knew what was happening because she was extra clingy and had a hard time saying goodnight. I wiped away the tears knowing that was the last time I'd tuck her in as my only child. The past two and a half years with her ran through my mind and I suddenly felt so guilty I was about to completely rock her world. It was a super weird feeling going to bed that night knowing that the next day I'd be having a baby. I looked through my hospital bag and honestly still couldn't believe in a matter of hours I'd have two kids. I don't think I slept a wink that night. I tossed and turned and to be honest, was incredibly nervous about all of it. By the time hunters alarm went off I was already exhausted haha. 

We left our car at home so my mom could bring my sister to the hospital once it was show time and we took Hunter's jeep. If you don't know about the jeep then that means nothing to you but basically it's never been my vehicle of choice haha! It has been passed through most of the kids in hunters family and somehow just keeps on living. The passenger door doesn't open, the air conditioning doesn't work, and there's a wrench you have to spin to open the drivers window. Haha I can't make this stuff up. Anyways we took the jeep to the hospital and Hunter accidentally parked in a handicapped spot. The paint was wearing away and there wasn't a sign so he didn't notice Til after he stopped the car. When he got back in to pull out of the spot, the car wouldn't start! Quite possibly the worst day for that to happen! Sooo I got in the drivers seat and had to back into a spot while Hunter pushed the car. Then I got out and walked into the hospital to have a baby! Haha such a funny start to the day.

 We checked in and they brought us right to our HUGE room! I changed into the gown and the next thing we knew they were setting up to get started. It was all so easy and relaxed! However, then my doctor came in to break my water and feeling every bit of that hurt like crazzyy! I was so happy once it was over. My contractions came on pretty quickly after that and strong too! It was so crazy to me that it was all happening so fast. Our nurse was awesome and we talked to her most of the time I labored. She kept telling me I could get the epidural whenever I wanted but for some reason I wanted to wait a little longer even though the contractions were starting to hurt pretty bad. Finally I decided it was time and the anesthesiologist was in the room minutes later. This was easily the hardest part for me. I started shaking and couldn't calm myself because I hate needles and hate knowing how important it is for her to do it right. I felt it all a whole lot more than I did with Oaklyn and tried so hard not to think about it. Luckily it was over pretty quick and that warm fuzzy feeling took over almost instantly. Epidurals (minus the part where they have to do the epidural ...) are heaven sent! After that I was able to get some rest. Then I turned to the door to see my little diva Oaklyn walk in! I loved getting to see her! She had princess shoes and sunglasses on and didn't have a clue what was happening haha. We talked to my mom and sister for a bit and then my mom decided to go grab some food for my sister. Not long after she left I began to progress SO fast! I jumped from a 5 to a 7 in what seemed like minutes and was suddenly at a 9. I was feeling an insane amount of pressure and the urge to push but she said I wasn't fully dilated. I seriously had to hold back from pushing because it was so strong! She checked me again and said I was complete and it was go time! The doctor came in and got all set up and the next thing I knew, she was here! Okay it didn't totally happen like that but it was so fast it felt that way! I felt so calm and ready this time around. 

Hunter held one leg and the nurse held the other and I only pushed through two contractions! I chose not to up my dosage of the epidural because I wanted to feel my legs after birth and I'm so glad because I was able to feel the pressure of the birth but not the pain. I remember feeling exactly the moment she was out and it was instant relief. It was 2:04pm and only about 6 hours from start to finish. I started to tear up instantly and couldn't take my eyes off her. Hunter cut the umbilical cord and they did her measurements as I got stitched up. They announced she weighed 7.2 lbs and was 20.5 in and I wanted to hold her so bad! They stuck her on my chest and she instantly snuggled up to me. It felt like heaven having her so close and so content. When my mom got back she couldn't believe it had happened so fast and neither could the rest of us! Oaks observed her baby sister but was pretty confused about the whole thing. They took her to get cleaned up before everyone held her and it honestly felt like forever that she was gone! During delivery we all heard a little "pop" noise and my awesome nurse couldn't get it out of her mind. So, she ordered an x ray for my little girl. They found out she had a little broken clavicle from delivery and it made me so sad! Especially because I hadn't seen her in hours... They finally brought her back into my room and some family and friends were able to hold her. Then, I got all the baby snuggles from her 💗 

Our hospital stay was honestly so wonderful! Cambria was a little dream baby and started nursing great and loveddd being snuggled! I really tried to soak up the fresh from heaven baby snuggles this time around and hardly wanted to put her down. Every one of the nurses was soo nice and all my meals were super tasty. It was like a mini vacation from all my usual responsibilities ;) She has been such a good little baby and we all love her so much. Her little noises and movements melt me and Hunter. Oaks loves to hold her baby sister and only feels jealousy when Hunter holds her haha. We're only three weeks in so we're pretty tired around here but so far, she has let us put her down for naps which has made things a whole lot easier than it was with Oaks! She's still nursing great and I'm so thankful for that! We just found out she has some acid reflux but we are glad it was caught early and we already have her started on some medicine. Often times, I still can't believe I have two kids! We're in a funny phase of life where Hunter is finishing up his last semester of college and working pretty lame hours in between. So, the days he's gone are really long for me but I keep trying to remember that this time will fly by even if it doesn't feel like it in the moment. I'm so thankful that the second time around I have a different perspective and know that it all goes too fast and babies grow crazy fast. The days are long but the years are short, right? ;) We're so thankful to have Cambria in our lives and we are so glad she is part of our family.

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

A little background on her name: It is pronounced Cam-bree-uh. When I was 18 I visited a sleepy beach town in Northern California called Cambria and absolutely loved it! I haven't been able to get the name of the town out of my head since because I thought it was so pretty. I really wanted this to be Oaklyn's name but Hunter wasn't sold. He told me if we had another girl though, we would definitely use this name so I was pretty excited when we found out she was a girl! Her middle name is my sister's name and I had always wanted to use her name as one of my girl's middle names but couldn't believe how perfect it was that this baby's due date was her birthday! She obviously didn't come on her birthday but only two days after! It just felt too perfect. My sister was also in the delivery room when Cambria was born. I love that she has a family name. 


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