Shopping With Two Littles

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Friends! I'm here to tell you about a baby MUST HAVE today.
This product is useful no matter how many kids you have, but it has been a lifesaver so far with my two little kiddos!
So, let me paint a scenario in your head for a second...
You have this cute new little baby who fell asleep in her carseat. 
You also have a little two year old who would be a complete nightmare if you let her "walk" alongside you at any store. 
You also only have one cart and somehow have to fit all of your groceries inside that one cart with the carseat and that two year old sitting in the seat of the cart. 
Sounds difficult right? RIGHT!
I was totally the mom who stacked Triscut boxes on top of Oaklyn's car seat when she was tiny haha!
I mean where else would you put them with that huge car seat taking up all the space?
Despite the fact that shopping with kiddos is already less than ideal, it's also challenging trying to figure out where to ya know... put everything!
Insert the Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock!

You guys, I'm not kidding when I say this thing is a MUST for any momma.
It is amazing and a total lifesaver when you are doing your grocery shopping. 
So what exactly is it??
Binxy Baby is a shopping cart hammock for your little one to lounge in while you fill up your grocery cart. 
It has clips that hook onto the rails of the cart which can hold up to 50 pounds!
It has a infant carseat safety strap to keep the carseat secure, or a secure seat harness to keep your little one lounging comfortably and safe. 
It also has 2 layers of fabric to hold in your little one.

I just keep it rolled up in the back seat of my car so I always have it ready when I need it. 
If Cambria is asleep, I just put the entire car seat in the hammock.
If she is awake, I just put her in the hammock and let her look around.
Either way is so simple to use and makes SO much space for groceries in the cart!
Literally everywhere I go, I get stopped by numerous people asking what it is and where they can get one.
It's just THAT much of a necessity!
I highly recommend this product and I know it can change your grocery shopping experience as a mom. 
Check out the Binxy Baby website to find the design that you like best!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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