Up Your Baby's Sleeping Game With the Ollie World Swaddle!

Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Hey Everyone!
Since having Cambria, some of my most frequent asked questions are about what baby products I think are must-haves. 
Every single baby out there is different and will like different things, but there are definitely a few products that I will always recommend to people and one of them is The Ollie World Swaddle!
I'm a huge believer in swaddling my babies and I'm obsessed with this one!
Babies, all of them, are born with a startle reflex that can easily wake them up.
Oaklyn had to be swaddled insanely tight when she was a baby or else she would wake up several times a night thanks to this reflex.
Cambria was definitely born with a more mild temperament and probably doesn't "need" to be swaddled like Oaklyn did, but I'm positive it is still one of the main reasons why she is such a good sleeper.
Not only does a swaddle prevent the startle reflex, but it also just keeps your baby nice and cozy. 
I mean think about it, they were in this warm and cozy womb for 9 months and then suddenly they're expected to be okay with learning to fall asleep without that same environment. 
That's why I love swaddling my babies right from the start... it's a nice little transition for them to the real world.

So why did I pick the Ollie World Swaddle over all the others on the market?? 
Well because this one is simply the best, and trust me, I've tried them all!
The Ollie World Swaddle looks like a regular old blanket, only it has velcro to keep it secure.
It is SO easy to use. I literally just stick Cambria in the middle, pull one side over, then the other and boom, she's ready for bed. 
Some of the really cool features of this swaddle are...
 -The patented moisture-wicking threads interwoven into the fabric which reduce the risk of overheating.
-Velcro that helps keep the Ollie secure and allows the fit to be individualized meeting the need and size of each baby as they grow!
- And the opening on the bottom that makes middle of the night diaper changes a breeze. You can also securely close it with the elastic band.

Basically, this swaddle has everything you need and keeps your little one sooo cozy!
The second I put Cammy in her swaddle, she instantly calms down and will just lay there happy as a clam.
Come to think of it, I wish they made them in my size ;)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy 

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