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Sunday, February 26, 2017

The secret is FINALLY out!
And by finally I mean I'm 16 weeks sooo... yeah I've been keeping this a secret for kind of a while now haha.
We found out the first week of December. 
We told family and close friends as we saw them, but I really didn't want to announce until after the first trimester.
Once I hit that mark life got even more crazy (as if that's possible, ha!) and we couldn't find a time that we were all together when it wasn't dark outside or sleeping. 
Since we hadn't announced all this time, this pregnancy hasn't exactly felt real.
It's been hard hiding such a big secret... especially since I've been way more sick this time around.
Hunter was gone all day Friday then came home Saturday at 3:30ish. 
I looked at him and said, "Should we just take the picture now? I mean I'm 16 weeks already..."
So on a whim, we just went for it.
I hadn't even brushed my hair, Oaklyn had been throwing fits all day, and Hunter was sick and exhausted, but it feels mighty good to finally be telling the world about our best kept secret ;)

So now on to a bit about this pregnancy...
We're (mostly me) equally as excited as we are terrified to add another little person to our family.
Most of the time, I'm excited and feeling encouraged that I can do this.
Then other times I'm actually having a meltdown because I'm so terrified to have two kids haha.
I know I can do this and I know The Lord has blessed us with this baby and we are thankful beyond words, but I've also got a whole lot of figuring out to do!
This little one is coming before we were planning on moving out, before Hunter graduates, right in the middle of some big projects, right before football season (Hunt's busiest time), and of course I can't stop worrying about PPD that I had pretty severely with Oaklyn.
However, this little peanut has already stolen my heart and I am beyond excited to snuggle him/her!
I always envisioned us having several kids. There isn't really a definition for several, just whatever feels right. 
I've always hoped I'd have a full house, lots of birthdays to celebrate, and plenty of mouths to feed.
It's just thinking about being pregnant several times that's killin me ha.
As I was saying earlier, this time around has been quite a bit different than with Oaks.
I was definitely more sick in the first trimester, but less tired. 
I've had heartburn like nobody's business since I found out whereas it didn't really start til around this time with Oaklyn.
I'm still having food aversions but a whole lot more things sound good to me than they did with Oaklyn, and sometimes I even crave meat... what?!
Not to mention, my body is definitely changing faster this time around.
I wouldn't say I'm showing yet but I definitely feel "more pregnant" than I did with Oaks at this point. 
All around it's just been pretty different!

As far as gender goes, we're planning on finding out at 20 weeks during the anatomy scan. 
I have sooo much more willpower this time around, ha!
We will be perfectly happy with either gender but if I could plan it out, I would definitely want another girl. 
It would make it SO much easier being that we already have everything for a little girl, and duh... matching dresses haha.
I also happen to like our girl name a whole lot but that's also a secret ;)
Anyways, I'm due in August. August 12th to be exact, my sister's birthday!
I'm not exactly excited to be largely pregnant during the summer months but I'm very much excited to have a baby during a month I can go outside!
Gosh I can't believe I'm having another baby haha.
I think that covers the gist of things, but you'll be hearing quite a bit more about this peanut now that I can actually talk about him/her!

Okay lastly, I've gotten the same question asked quite a bit lately.
I've been asked why I've kind of stopped blogging.
People said they were worried and hoped all was well.
Last time I took a bunch of time off from blogging was when Hunt's dad passed away.
Nothing severe has happened like that, but there are several contributing factors I'll be talking about more soon.
I would say though, the biggest factor would be THIS PREGNANCY!
Gosh it has taken a lot out of me including inspiration and motivation.
Plus, how am I supposed to blog when I'm keeping the biggest secret like ever from you guys??
So, thank you so much for the concern and support.
Seriously, it felt good to know someone actually cared haha!
But I'm feeling quite a bit better and with each new sunny day I'm feeling a little more inspired to work on some big projects I have planned!

Alright friends, that is all for now.
I just figured I should pop in and explain life's current happenings haha.
Now hold me to being better about blogging ;)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy (and the tiny peanut in my belly)

My outfit is old but here's a similar skirt | Lipsense is redwood and you can join my group to see other colors here | Oaks outfit also old but Gap still has peter pan collared onesies! | Balloon from North Star Balloons | Similar shirt to Hunter's  

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