Let's Talk Lipsense

Tuesday, February 7, 2017
Wearing the color "nude" on my lips here

Alright guys, I've been so absent on this blog it's scary!
I'm sorry!
December was a crazy busy month and January has been such a funny month.
I'm blaming the "winter blues," cloudy grey skies, and crazy amounts of snow for my lack of inspiration haha.
Anyways, this post is gonna be short and sweet and to the point...
I just wanted to let all you awesome people know that I've taken a little leap of faith and started yet another business venture with Lipsense!
While I'm usually excited for whatever project I start up, I'm particularly excited about this one because it is seriously SO fun!
Lipsense is a lipstick that molecularly bonds to your lips and stays on between 4-18 hours depending on how dry your lips are.
It is waterproof, kiss proof, smudge proof, and hydrates your lips while staying put!
I've loved this product since the moment I tried it and have considered signing up since then, but could never seem to get myself to do it.
Now I'm totally kicking myself!
You guys, this company is seriously awesome.
I have friends making anywhere from an extra $500 a month to $50,000 a month and anywhere in between!
Can you even believe that??
Hunter still has a year left until graduation and can't work a "real" job until then.
He has three jobs currently but when you're going to school full time, those three jobs just don't always cut it.
Needless to say, things can get stressful and I noticed that alters my mood.
I decided I can either sit back and mope around or do something about it, so here I am doing something about it ;)
I'm honestly super excited about this journey and I really hope I can help you all see how awesome this company is!
Here's my Facebook Group that you can join to check out exclusive discounts and offers as well as updates on my stock.
I also created an insta account for anyone wanting updates that way.
I'd also absolutely love to have any of you on my team if you're interested! 
It's $55 to sign up and has literally changed lives for so many women!
Please don't hesitate to email me with any questions!

Okay, now that I got this post up I need to really work on some more content for this blog.
Ugh, can it be Spring yet??
Thanks for all your support as always :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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