Where Our Family Became Forever

Monday, May 2, 2016

Hunter and I were married on March 1, 12014 in the San Diego California LDS temple after 6 years of being lovers.
We met each other when I was 14 years old and he was 15 and were head over heels from the very beginning. 
Our relationship in high school was filled with lots of text messages, hugs, pictures, football games, letters, and dreaming of being married one day. 
At only 14 years old, I was sure he was the one for me and about a year later, he finally let me know he was sure as well.
We would sit in the car together after football games planning out our future, "Our house one day will have a white picket fence and a pool, we'll have lots of kids running around, oh and we'll always have fresh cookies on the counter!"
In our minds, life together would be nothing short of perfect.

Before I was LDS, I often wondered what would happen after our days on this earth were done.
I loved Hunter with every ounce of my being, I didn't want to say "til death do us part" I wanted to be with him forever.
I hated saying goodbye in high school, I cried like never before when we said "see ya later" for two years while Hunter served his mission, and being apart during our engagement was torture... How was I supposed to be okay with "parting" with my husband once our lives came to a close?
Hunter felt the same as I did, and that is why we chose to be sealed together forever in the temple.

Temples are a very sacred place for Mormons. 
It is a place where gospel ordinances are performed, covenants are made, and peace and comfort are felt.
It is also a place where sealings (or marriages) are performed. 
Hunter and I made the choice to be sealed together, forever, in the temple.
I remember it as if it were yesterday, and I still feel the same joy now as I did when our marriage took place.
I was filled with such peace and happiness and knew that what we were doing, is all that really matters. 

Because Hunter and I made that choice, our family is now eternal as well!
Our sweet Oaklyn, and any other future children we have, will be with us forever and that brings me more joy than I can possibly say!
This is why Mormons decide to be married inside a temple, because we want a forever family.

The words said during a temple marriage are different than a civil marriage, and the ceremony is performed differently as well. 
The bride and the groom wear all white and kneel across an alter in a gorgeous room inside the temple. 
The actual marriage takes no longer than 10 or 15 minutes and the room fits around 50 people, other rooms fit less. 
It is sacred and simple and our sealing is a day I will never ever forget.

Not only are sealings for a bride and groom, but whole families can go to the temple to be sealed as well!
If you would like to learn more about the temple and sealings, click here.

I was so excited when I received this beautiful artwork from Lauren because a flood of emotions came back to me. 
She gave us a hand drawn image of the San Diego Temple, where our family became forever.
It instantly took me back to the day I was a bride and a rush of happiness came over me.
Then, my little baby walked up to me and said "mama mama mama" pointing at the temple and I couldn't help but tear up.
I showed her the temple and she smiled big when I told her that because of the temple, our family  gets to be together forever. 
I am SO excited to display this beautiful art in our home and constantly be reminded of that special day.
If you would like one of these beautiful temple images of your own, head over to Artwork by Lauren and use code: ALEIGH at checkout for 20% off all prints in her shop!! (excluding customs)
You will not be disappointed and will love the sweet spirit it will bring into your home :)

If you have any questions at all about temples let me know!
And if you were sealed in the temple, which one was it??

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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