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Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Hunter and I had the opportunity to attend a screening of the film, The Abolitionists, last week. 
To be completely honest, we went not really thinking we would get much out of the movie and used it as more of a date night.
However, we left with a completely different feeling!
Both of us left that night completely inspired to do our part in making a difference. 

So... what is the movie about?
The shortened version is this... 
Today there are over two million enslaved children forced into the sex industry around the world. 
If you ask me, that alone is completely sickening. 
So the movie is about rescuing these children and saving them from the horror they are living.
On December 10th, 2013 Special Agent Tim Ballard (aka Hunter's mother's cousin's son... ha did you get that?) turned in his Homeland Security badge and  resigned from his employment with the United States government. 
He had spent over a decade rescuing these poor children from child sex tourism both domestically and overseas. 
Though his job was difficult, he was proud that his country was one of very few in the world who was actually doing anything about this problem. 
However, mired in red tape and bureaucracy, Tim left to begin saving the children that he saw falling out of the purview of the US government. 
These children constitute over 90% of the children lost to child sex slavery and he could do nothing to help them while in the employment of the US government.
This is a story about the lost children from other countries and the rescue team’s exploits as they investigate and liberate enslaved children from around the world.

Okay, so you're thinking one of 3 things right now... maybe a few of them actually... but I'm sure you're thinking something along the lines of...
1) "Wow sounds interesting! I'd actually love to see this movie! Tell me more about where and when I can see it!"
2) "I'm a parent myself and I really don't want to watch this. It sounds like it would make me sick. How else can I help?"
3) "I'm not very interested."

So, here are my answers!

If you're number one, yay! 
You really will not regret it!
Click this link to buy your tickets today :)
Also, tell all your friends to go see it!
It will only be in theaters for one day at the moment, which is May 16th.
If we can fill those theaters it will receive a theatrical release and play longer!

If you're number two... I understand!
That's actually exactly how I felt after reading up on it before I saw the movie.
It's hard, as a mom, to think about the terrible situations these children are in.
However, the movie is very well done!
It is made in a PG-13 manner because they wanted to make it appropriate for young moviegoers to see what is happening around them as well. 
It is meant to caution them and wake the audience up while not scaring them away from the theater due to the darkness of the subject matter. 
The goal was not to sicken people but rather to inform them and motivate them to do whatever they could do as individuals, within their own sphere of influence, to stop this plague of human trafficking.
Not to mention, 15% of the profit of movie sales from theaters will be going directly to Operation Underground Railroad which is the organization that creates the missions to save these children.
However, if you see the movie at a Larry H. Miller theater 100% of the proceeds will go to "OUR"!
If you still don't feel like seeing the movie is a good fit... you can donate by clicking here!

And if you're number three... please hear me out!
This is something that isn't just happening overseas. 
It is happening right here in America too, and we need to protect our children from it.
In fact, Utah is actually the number one state where child sex trafficking happens.
Please join me in taking a stand against this!
Check out this site to be even more inspired. 

Please join us in taking a stand against this horrifying crime that generates over 32 billion dollars yearly. 
There are also several other ways you can help... like attending events!
Here is a link to a few that sound pretty cool!
My little family will be attending the Rescue Run 5k in Lehi on May 21st and we are so excited!
I would absolutely love to see you there!
All money raised by the run will be donated to Operation Underground Railroad.
In just two years, they have already saved over 419 victims!
Just imagine how many more we can save if we just bring awareness to this subject!
To register click here and make sure to use code: INSTAGRAM to get $5 off your registration :)

I really hope you go see this movie in theaters on May 16th and attend the run!
I'll be there walking with my Oaks ;)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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