What You Should Know About Your Blogger Friend

Saturday, May 21, 2016

I've been thinking about writing this post for a while now and every time I come across a little struggle with my blogging business, I make a mental note to add it to this post. 
However, I just kept putting it off because it was just another thing on my to-do list I didn't have time for.
However, the other day I came across this graphic on Facebook and it hit me so hard!
I've gotten quite a bit of negative comments about being a "blogger" and I've even been made fun of for "taking too many pictures."
So, I figured it was time to write this post and really explain what it is that bloggers are doing and why it is that they are calling their blog, their business.

Here is a bit about what you should know about your "blogger" friend:

We work hard on our blogs, just like any other job: 
It may be hard for you to believe this, but a whole lot of blood, sweat, and tears are put into our blogs! There's like a whole different language to be learned when you enter the blogging world. You have to do tons of research, work with other companies, learn how to code, learn to take HQ images, learn to edit said images, network, write a million emails, write and re-write a million posts, etc... We even have due dates just like any other job! Companies we work with often give due dates and you have to turn in your post in a timely manner to maintain a good relationship. It's not all fun and games and pretty packages, we really do work hard for our payment!

Just because we are getting paid to post about a product, doesn't mean it's the only reason we are posting about it:
I've heard several people say they don't like sponsored posts because they know they are "fake." I would like to debunk that myth right now! I have never posted about a product I didn't actually like! I have even talked to a few bloggers that have had to send products back because they don't want to give false info to their readers. We are careful about what we post and we really do care about what we promote. I love sharing cool products and pretty clothing with others, I love that my blog is a place I can do that! Most of the time, the reason I am posting about something is because I already loved it before creating the sponsored post. It's just a bonus that I get to work with the company on the post.

Not every blogger likes white walls (ha):
I remember hearing someone say that becoming a blogger is a trap that transforms the way you think... haha! Yes I may be more drawn to a picturesque scenery now... but I do not think blogging has altered my personal style! Many people that have white walls simply like the clean feel of white walls... Not to mention, they make for some gorgeous naturally lit photo backdrops! If I want a blue wall though, I'll have a blue wall! We are not brainwashed haha. 

We don't think we are any better than you:
I had someone once tell me that bloggers seem like the mean kids in high school... I honestly didn't know what to say back! But, I've had some time to think about it. No, we don't think we're any better than you and we are not mean! I'm sorry if some posts come off that way but, they they aren't meant to! There may seem to be cliques within the blogging community but this is why... Everyone will always be drawn to people with similar interests. So, bloggers are drawn to bloggers. I love meeting other bloggers and being able to talk to them about their blog, but I also just really like being able to relate with them! 

We don't just "try to get free stuff":
This is probably my biggest pet peeve. I did not start my blog to get a bunch of free stuff! Yes, it is an awesome perk and super fun to try out new products, but that is not the only reason I'm doing this! I started my blog to share the joys in my life and keep it as a journal. It's just an awesome incentive that I now get to monetize it! I honestly love blogging and will probably keep up with it my whole life. We don't try to just take advantage of companies and get free stuff either. We are working with those companies and a whole lot of hard work goes into our posts about their products. 

Writing a sponsored post is a lot harder than it may seem:
You may be surprised, but there is a whole lot of work that goes into sponsored posts! You have to make sure you know everything there is to know about the company and product, take high quality photos, edit those photos, write your post, edit your post, add in keywords, add in links, publish post, share on social platforms, and send all that info to the company. It's a long process that requires a lot of time and energy!

Not every husband is an "instagram husband"
I'm sure you have seen that video somewhere on the internet! I'll admit that the first time I saw it, it was really funny! But the more the jokes were made the less funny it got. Guys, my husband does not hate his life ha! And, we probably spend maybe 30 minutes a week on pictures total. And that's probably an exaggeration. We're not photo obsessed freaks that have to document every step... I do love taking pictures but if it disrupts our day I just don't. Hunter also realizes he's getting paid for taking the pictures so that's a fun incentive! On top of that though, a lot of bloggers work with a professional photographer. 

Not everything we post is staged. We know our lives are not perfect:
I don't wake up in the morning and say, "today we are going to have a pretend picnic so I can take a bunch of fake pictures." I simply bring my camera along on the fun things we already planned on doing to capture fun shots. I know a lot of bloggers images may appear to be staged, but it's just because they used a DSLR camera to get high quality images of what they were already doing. Plus if you really think about it then... most of your pictures are staged too, right?
(note: there definitely are some "staged" photos, just not all of them)

Most of us are making money off our blogs... and that shouldn't be a bad thing:
I commend you on starting an etsy shop, and you for starting your own dog walking business, and all of you that have made your own invention. So... why can't you be proud of me for finding a way to make money from home? I have definitely gotten a lot of support, but the negativity is really hard! My blog has helped me contribute to our income so I can stay home and be a full time mother to my sweet daughter and my husband can go to school and work outside our home. I could not be more grateful for the opportunity I have to work from home. I have worked my tail off to make it possible and it just shouldn't be a bad thing that I'm able to stay home and make money. Bloggers are working hard at what they do too! Let's all just support each other's successes. 

We really do love doing this:
I have such a passion for blogging. Writing out my thoughts and getting to help others through my own personal experiences makes all the late nights worth it! The wonderful emails I get from my awesome supporters are the best! It can be hard to post a picture of myself sometimes because I'm my own toughest critic, but I also love getting to work with awesome companies. I have honestly loved this blogging journey and I am so excited to continue on! This blog of mine has been an awesome way to record keep and it has been the best creative outlet for me. Not only that, but it has tested and tried me in good ways! I love to be stretched outside my comfort zone! Oh and not to mention the awesome people I have met since starting!

I know that was a whole lot of venting... but there ya have it!
I hope that helps others understand a little better just what it is we do ;)
Have any more questions?
I'd love to hear them in the comments!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


  1. You nailed it. My exact thoughts. I actually have a blog post (stuck in drafts for a few months now lol) about the same topic and how we are misunderstood as bloggers. Someone very near and dear to me even mentioned that my blog IG pictures are different from my personal IG but honestly, most of what I share on my personal IG is exactly that, personal. I've received quite a bit of negative comments from those who don't understand but we keep on keeping on because we enjoy it! Blogging is so much fun and I love connecting with fellow bloggers! :)

  2. Thanks for the post! I would love to learn more about how to start a blog exactly. What are the steps you take to get started?

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