Tasty Tuesday: My Favorite Green Smoothie

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

I like green veggies, in fact, my favorite veggie ever is hands down broccoli.
I love salads, zucchini is a staple in our house, and I crave balsamic baked asparagus!
However, I'm definitely guilty of not eating my greens every single day.
Or.. smothering them with cheese or salt to make them taste even better!
I also struggle to get my 13 month old to eat her veggies.
So, I decided to try out making a green smoothie every day!
It came out so great on the first try and I've now been making this exact smoothie for the past few weeks every single morning.
I literally crave it if I don't have it and it is totally making me feel better throughout the day.
It is such a quick and easy way to load up on my greens and fruits.
I usually give Oaklyn some in a sippy cup as well, but she doesn't always drink it... we're trying!
This recipe should make two full glasses (I use mason jars) and just one glass is really filling!
I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!

-1 cup (more or less depending on the consistency you like) 100% apple juice (I use Motts)
-1/4 cup vanilla unsweetened almond milk
-1 cup ice (pebble ice is the best!)
-1/2 of a frozen banana 
-3 or 4 cut up strawberries
-2 huge handfuls of spinach (seriously put as much in as possible!)
-1 big handful of kale
-1 tbsp vanilla Greek yogurt

1) I always put my ice in the blender first. I like when it gets crushed up well, so I want it to be the first thing to hit the blade.
2) Add your fruit! I usually buy a bag of bananas from Costco. I'll go home and peel them, then cut them in half. I stick them in a Ziploc baggy and put that in the freezer so they are all ready for my smoothie! I don't freeze the strawberries (but you could if you want!) and I just cut the stems off and cut them in half and throw them in the blender!
3) Stuff in your greens! Seriously guys, that was a rough estimate of how much I put in, but I load my greens up to the top. You can hardly taste them! I buy the huge bag of spinach from Costco and Kale from Sprouts. 
4) Add your Greek Yogurt. You don't have to add this, but I think it sweetens it a little and makes it a little more creamy.
5) Add your juice and almond milk! I don't actually measure these but what I put above sounds about right. Play around with it to get your desired consistency.
5) I blend until everything is blended together really well. You did something wrong if your smoothie doesn't come out green haha.

I hope you guys enjoy this simple recipe!
I would love to hear how you make your green smoothies!
Let me know your favorite recipe in the comments!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy