I Have Worth

Thursday, March 3, 2016

I have worth.
And you do too.

I'm really excited about this post.
I'm really excited about this shirt.
I'm also really excited to share this company with all of you!

Have you ever felt, down?
I bet you have.
It may have been because of something someone said to you, a mistake you made, a promise that was broken, a trial experienced, a lack of self confidence or even doubts in your head.
I think we've all been there at some point in time.

Eventually, these negative thoughts get the best of us and we say things to ourselves like, "I'm the worst" or "I wish I were more like (insert name here)."
I've said it, I've been there, I've done that.

I can recall feeling insecure more times than I can count in my lifetime.
I've always hated walking into a room and feeling like "everyone" is staring at me.
I've also wished I looked a little different a time or two, or ten.

I've wondered what my purpose is and I've doubted my self worth.
I think one of the lowest points in my life was when my PPD was the strongest.
I would lay awake at night wishing that somehow I could go back in time and feel like "myself" again.
I thought I couldn't do it, ya know, be a mother.
I thought my blog would go no where.
I thought there was no way I'd ever make the Varsity Cheer team.
I thought nobody would like me.
I also thought I never stood a chance with him.
Then he became my husband.

I made a change in my life as of recently.
One I haven't quite mastered, but that I am working on nonetheless.
I've decided to beat my doubts and fears with thoughts of self worth.
It sounds easier than it is.
It also sounds kind of like a "duh" thing to do, but I challenge you all to try it.
So what do I mean?
When you're having a negative thought about yourself, think of 5 extraordinary things about yourself.
No, you are not being conceited. You are recognizing your self worth.

A couple examples from my week:
-I went running and timed myself. I looked at my time and immediately told myself I'm just not a very good athlete. I quickly then told myself I'm a good chef, I am good at decorating, my husband loves me, I am successful, and I am a darn good mother.
-I went to the grocery store and Oaklyn was crying in the checkout line. I handed her a sucker and the older lady behind me said I shouldn't be giving her sugar at that age. I immediately doubted myself and the way I parent my child. (Insert 5 encouraging thoughts) I smiled at her, and went about my day.

Those are only two examples but sometimes they are bigger issues and other times they might even be smaller.
Either way, this has helped me tremendously in recognizing my self worth.
I have come to realize that I don't need to dress a certain way, make a certain amount of money, have specific talents, or be interested in what the crowd is.
I am me, and that is more than enough.

Don't let the world tell you when or how to feel good about yourself.
Try your hardest not to buy into the lies displayed by the media.
Don't judge yourself for looking different. Most magazine covers are photo shopped anyways.

I firmly believe that "The worth of souls is great in the sight of God..." 
We are all entitled to our Father’s blessings.
 He did not bring you to this earth to walk alone, without guidance.
 He knows our skills and celebrates in our victories with us.
He will also take our supposed inadequacies and help us turn them into strengths if we let Him.
Remember that you are worth much more to Him than you will ever know.

But all religion aside, trust me in saying that You Have Worth.
Far more worth than you might imagine.
You have potential, strengths, talents, and beauty.
Every single one of you.

This cute "I Have Worth" Tee is from CampLight Apparel and I am loving the meaning behind it.
Every purchase from CampLight Apparel helps feed malnourished children in Haiti.
So not only are you purchasing a shirt to help you remember and recognize your worth, but you are helping others in need.
I fully support this company and their mission.
Go ahead and check out their different designs Here!
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And remember I am "personally" handing each of you the #myworthchallenge!
Let me know how it is going and use the hashtag #myworthchallenge on social media to post a picture of yourself telling everyone why you have worth so I can follow along! You can also comment down below! I'd love to hear about your experiences and celebrate in your triumphs with you :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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