7 Ways To Comfort Your Teething Babe

Sunday, March 20, 2016

If your baby is anything like mine while teething, you've been up all night, countless nights trying to help them feel better while teething.
I always feel so bad for my little girl when she is teething because she has no idea why her mouth hurts so bad. She is so confused and all she knows, is that she is in an incredible amount of pain.
I've searched the web, asked for tips from friends, checked out pinterest, called our on call nurse, talked to the pharmacist at Target and tried everything I can think of to comfort my sweet Oaklyn.
Below you will find my go to ways to comfort my teething babe.
The tips down below mixed with a whole lot of snuggles usually help significantly. 

1) Store Bought Teethers
We've been through quite a few of these, and every baby is different, but some just aren't worth your time and money. This one is our favorite hands down! Technically it is a feeder, to help your baby feed themselves, but we love using it as a teether. Most teethers have to be completely put in the freezer making the handle cold for baby to grip. With this one, you just stick ice, frozen berries, or frozen veggies inside the mesh net and let baby hold the room temperature handle. Oaklyn loves sucking on it and the cool berries, ice, or veggies soothe her sore gums.

2) Veggies
Once you don't have to worry about your baby choking as much anymore, hand them a cool veggie to gnaw on! Our absolute favorite is giving Oaklyn a raw baby carrot that had been in the fridge all day. She eats the entire thing because she loves how the carrot feels when she bites down and she is actually eating! Most of the time when she is teething, she doesn't have an appetite and won't touch her dinner so we give her a carrot and it soothes her gums long enough to help her eat other things on her plate. We also love giving her cucumber slices, celery, apple slices, string cheese, and cut up bell peppers.

3) Frozen Baby Food Drops
For Oaklyn, this only works occasionally... but she just hates purees in general. Other babies however, I'm sure would love this! I take a piece of parchment paper and stick it on a baking sheet. I'll then put her purees in a plastic bag and snip the tip to make little dime size  drops on the parchment paper. After I have made all the drops I freeze the entire baking sheet and pop a frozen puree drop in her mouth when I can tell her gums are hurting and she just needs something cold to suck on.

4) Gum Massage With Orajel
Oaklyn kind of hates Orajel, but I know it helps her a ton! I try to give her a little gum massage while applying it and she is usually pretty calm while I do so. She sticks her fingers in her mouth all day long touching the area where a tooth is coming in trying to make it feel better. She loves when I rub it a little to try and help. I also feel like it helps the tooth pop through a little quicker... but maybe that's just me!

5) Keep Baby Dry With Copper Pearl Bandana Bibs
Most babies drool quite a bit when they are teething. Oaklyn doesn't drool quite as much as other babies but there have been plenty of times throughout the day when I feel a drool droplet hit my arm while holding her... gross. When your baby is teething and drooling, it can be so hard to keep them dry and comfortable throughout the day. That's why Copper Pearl came out with these adorable bandana bibs! They are cotton and absorb the drool throughout the day to ensure your baby stays dry and comfortable. They also have adjustable, nickel free, snaps to adjust the size for babies ages 3-36 months! However, I think my favorite part about these bibs is that they are stylish and trendy! They have adorable designs that you will love! I chose the Paris set and love every single bib. Another little tip is that you can roll them up to be a super cute little baby scarf! Because I know you will absolutely love these bibs, use code JOYOFLIFE at checkout for 10% off your order from now until Thursday night!

6) Teething Crackers
I used teething crackers like crazy when Oaklyn started teething. They helped tremendously! I went through quite a few brands and found that my favorites to start on were these and I then transitioned to these. Not only did they soothe her sore gums while teething, but these crackers kept her completely entertained for long periods of time. It would entertain her the entire time I was grocery shopping, cooking dinner, in the car, etc... I love these things! They are a bit messy, but so, so worth it! I also love that it helped teach her how to self feed. 

7) If All Else Fails... Medicine 
I know, not many moms will approve of my use of motrin, but we totally use it around here! I think medicine was made to be used and it helps my little girl so I give it to her when she is in pain. Because I don't want to be giving her motrin throughout the entire day I also love Highlands teething tablets.  I usually just add them to her bottle and she sucks it down without even knowing. I feel like they work instantly! A friend of mine also introduced me to Camilia Teething Drops and we use these sometimes as well! I love these and how easy it is to give them to Oaklyn.

I hope some of this helped!
I feel like I've tried everything to get my little girl to feel better when she's in pain from getting some new teeth and these tips along with a good amount of snuggles, are what I have found work the best.
I would love to know what your favorite tips are!
Let me know in the comments!
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All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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