Easter Thoughts + Egg Hunt

Friday, March 25, 2016

I love spring!
I love the warmer weather (well, usually... come on Utah!), the flowers, the sunshine, the overall happiness, the excitement for Summer, and I love Easter most of all.
I feel like Easter, can actually be somewhat of an overlooked holiday.
Especially if you aren't religious.
I have always loved Easter traditions.
The baskets, Cadbury eggs, Easter dresses, the food, and the egg hunts...
However, over the past few years I have really thought deeper about why we celebrate Easter and I have come to understand better why I feel so much happiness on this holiday.

 Easter is a celebration of the wonderful promise we have of eternal life through Our Savior, Jesus Christ. 
Because of him, and his great sacrifice, we are promised that there is no end.
What a powerful promise!
He died, so that we may be free from our sins and live forever.
I get teary eyed just thinking about it, and how much He loves each of us.

Today is something people call "Good Friday"
We don't necessarily "celebrate" this holiday in my church, but I always recognize it and reflect on it and all it means.
It is, more or less, a day to think of all the Good that Jesus had done, and all the happiness he brings us still today.
 A day to think about the atoning sacrifice he made, and to remember that he truly does love each of us more than we can comprehend. 

About 2000 years ago, on a Thursday, Jesus sat down for his last meal with who he thought to be his closest friends. One turned his back on him that night. Another claimed he would die alongside Jesus, only to deny that he even knew him in the next few hours. That Thursday night and into Friday morning, Jesus was betrayed, arrested, denied, endured trials, and sentenced to death. Friday he was mocked, tortured, and crucified. Matthew 27:50 tells us that he “gave up His Spirit” for every flawed person who would ever walk the earth. Yes, you. His atoning sacrifice was for me, and you... all of you.

I am incredibly grateful for the sacrifice our Savior made for us, and for the suffering he endured.
More importantly however, I am thankful that He has risen. 
I am so happy that He lives today!
Our Savior is the one who unlocks our passageway through death, to eternal life.
I know that the atonement and resurrection we essential to fulfilling the glorious plan that Heavenly Father has laid out for us.
I know that They knew this had to be, and that they made a sacrifice I can't ever imagine going through, because They love us that much.
I am so thankful that because of Him, I get to be with my sweet little family forever and ever. 

A few friends and I had a fun little Easter egg hunt today!
It was so fun being all together and watching our littles interract together.
I love this bunch of friends and I am so grateful I met each of them.
Obviously most of them were little babies, so we basically threw all the eggs and watched as they sucked on them and shook them unsure of what else to do haha.
One friend stuffed her eggs with cheerios and every baby loved those eggs!
We also brought picnic lunches and laid some blankets out to talk and eat.
Other than the wind, it was such a fun day!

So, Happy Easter my friends!
I hope you have a great day with friends and family and are reminded of Jesus Christ's love for you :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

ps. take a few minutes to watch this video. It's my favorite of all time along with this hymn. Ahh chills!

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