Moore "Lasts"

Tuesday, November 19, 2013
The absolute best part about the second year of this wait is being able to say:
"The Last"
before just about everything.
The last birthday package, the last of the teens, the last Thanksgiving apart, the list goes on and on...
but it is also an emotional roller coaster.
Being "the girl back home" has become such a big part of my life.
After all, it has been my entire life these past twenty two and a half months.
Though I absolutely know having him home (even if it is only for a few days) will be the most amazing feeling, I can't help but feel all sentimental when I hit another one of these "lasts."

The other day I put the first sticker on the last letter of the called to serve countdown that I swore would never fill up.
Each night for the past 22 months I have put a little black dot on before bed.
After putting the dot on I would stand there and look at it thinking to myself "I wonder what it will feel like when I get to the last letter?"
And now, here I am :)

One day, I might actually be able to find a word strong enough to explain how I feel about him.
One day, I might actually be able to adequately explain how incredible he really is, how much he respects me, and how he is everything I have ever prayed for.
One day, I might actually be able to hold it together when I think of the love we share...
but until then, I will just have you know that this man means everything to me and I will love him with all that I have forever and always.

It's a crazy thing going two years without seeing each other.
It's even crazier to put your relationship on hold for those two years so that The Lord's work can be done through his missionaries without distractions. 
But, it's even crazier that I have only fallen that much Moore in love with him in this time apart.
When you love someone this much, nothing can tear you apart.
It's a promise that even 730 days apart can't break.

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

Ps 44 days :)

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