A Thankful Heart #3 (round 2)

Tuesday, November 19, 2013
Look at me actually finding time to blog about the things I am thankful for!
Ohhhh priorities.
In my defense my mind has been elsewhere lately.
Outer space to be exact.
That is if outer space means in dreamland thinking about that cute elder in Ohio...
Yeah, he's almost home.
Can ya tell?
Anyways, my heart feels so so very happy.
When I sat down to think about all the things I'm thankful for I felt overwhelmed with all the happy in my life :)
I complain, we all do. But gosh, this life is quite enjoyable when you let it be.
Okay, onward...

1) Music
(Particularly church music, Christmas music, and anything remotely romantic at this moment. I'm pretty darn sure that the only time I'm not listening to music during my normal day is when I'm sleeping. I listen to it on the way to work, at work, on the way home from work, when I'm exercising, when I shower, when I cook, in my room... everywhere I swear! Music always sets my mood. It can brighten any day or help me reminisce on a forgotten memory. Christmas music has really lifted my spirits this past week. Not to mention my little decorations as well. Church music helps me remember my purpose, it helps me get through those not so pleasant days with a more positive outlook. It helped me through even the toughest of times when I was investigating the church and serves the same purpose to this day. Oh and those romantic tunes? Yeah, that playlist has been visited quite frequently as of late. Any song that remotely consumes my mind in all things Hunter is a winner. I have pretty much turned into a crazy person. Is there an end to the madness when they come home? Anyhow, I just love music. I may not play an instrument, I may not sing the best, and I may not be able to read music... but I still appreciate it and I am so grateful I can access it throughout my days.)

2) Blogging
(Yes this really made it on here. I really really really enjoy blogging. In my spare free time I blog stalk like crazy. I love looking at other people's lives, checking out their recipes, seeing pictures of cute babies, and especially reading others perspectives. Although I don't enjoy the arguments that come with opinions, I really really enjoy hearing others opinions. It helps open my mind a little bit and helps me gain other perspectives. I love reading blog posts from people I have never met about subjects I have never thought about. I loved psychology in high school because I love learning about the way the human brain works as far as others having different mentalities goes. It is fascinating to me, and for that reason I feel like I'm able to respect others opinions and value their perspectives. I have always liked journaling but hated actually sitting down with a pen and paper. My hand cramps and I become unmotivated when I become more focused on why my handwriting is so terrible rather than what I'm actually writing. Therefore... blogging! Sure there are some deep dark secrets in my journal meant for only my eyes to read, but blogging has saved my life as far as preserving memories goes. I can't wait to reminisce on the posts about Hunter being gone, and all the memories I have made in the past few years. Blogging is a lovely invention. I think I'll stick to it for quite some time.)

3) Sundays
(I love Sundays! Like, SO much! I look forward to Sundays every single other day of the week. When we get halfway through the week I just think "I can't wait til Sunday" and when it is Sunday I think "I never want it to end, Is it Sunday again yet?" Yes I love it because it is the only day I get off from work, or because I don't hate myself for not exercising, or because it's an excuse to eat more food than I otherwise would... but really I enjoy Sunday's because I feel spiritually fed. Sometimes getting myself to church on time is a struggle. We've all been there... and if you haven't then you win you're perfect whatever... but seriously when I sit down I can finally take a sec to breathe and relax and feel the spirit. As much as I loved being a sunbeam teacher I am seriously enjoying actually going to Sunday School and Relief Society. I gain a new perspective and  everything just begins to click that much more when I let the spirit whisper gospel truths to me. This last Sunday I left church happier than ever. I had such a spiritual high. I swear my testimony just continues to grow with every passing week. Sundays are more than just a day of rest to me. They are my absolute favorite day, they are the one day a week I am able to forget whatever trouble is awaiting me and feel spiritually fed. I love the gospel of Jesus Christ. I really just love being Mormon :)

And there ya have it!
Week three has been posted :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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