As Of Late: November Edition

Friday, November 8, 2013
The past 3 days have been over 80 degrees outdoors.
I'm convinced that California doesn't believe in Fall, at all.
Though I am jealous of the blanket of snow that has arrived in Utah...
I will sacrifice to have warmer weather by the end of February.

I have been piling granola on just about anything and everything I can think of these past few weeks.
I can't get enough of the stuff.
Then I got a letter from the sweet boy...
Apparently he's on a granola kick as well.
Did I forget to mention we're telepathic? ;)

I ran over 3 miles the other day.
So I thought I could do it again the next day.
I was wrong. 
I love the holidays.
I crave them all year long
But for work related reasons, I'm just trying to get through them this year.
I hate that mentality!
Ugh, somebody please bring me some of Little Elf Judy's special hot cocoa.
Not too hot, extra chocolate, shaken, not stirred.

Another reason for this awful mentality could possibly be that it's looking like that cute missionary of mine won't be home until right after the holidays :(
At least he is coming home.
Trust in The Lord's timing and all will be well.
One day I'll listen to my own advice. 

Speaking of the lover...
I can't get enough of him.
Is it January yet?
Thank goodness for email and the postal service.
"I miss you a lot, but look how far we've come! 22 months in the books and only 2 to go, let's finish strong."
Sounds good to me lovebug :)

I LOVE testifying of gospel truths.
Teaching with my favorite sista missionaries is the best. 
I will stand firm in the faith forever. 
I'm totally a Mormon, I absolutely know it, I completely live it, and I really love it.

And one last thing...
Oh, how I love candles.
Yankee has my vote.
Cookies for Santa in first
Apple and pumpkin picking in second.
Nuff said. 

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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  1. Love the Santa Claus reference! One of my all time favorite Christmas movies :) good job with your run! I heard that running long distance two days in a row is bad for you anyway ;)