A Thankful Heart #2 (round 2)

Monday, November 11, 2013
I usually try to post these on either a Saturday or a Sunday because that really feels like the end the week to me.
I know Sunday officially gets the title of being "the first day of the week" but Monday really feels like the first.
So, I'm a bit behind because Sunday was extra busy for me.
In all good ways! 
This week felt long, yet it totally flew by.
Each day was long, each night was short, and then it was the weekend.
I don't mind at all...
We're at 52 days and counting until that cute missionary comes home :)
Anyhow, let's get on with it:

1) Those in the armed forces.
(I actually think I did this one last year as well. But, with it being Veteran's Day and all... I decided this one seemed fitting. Lately I have seen more and more friends of mine make the decision to join the armed forces. Whether is be the army, the navy, being a police man, or the marines I have seen numerous young men and women make the decision to serve our country. I just want to say, THANK YOU! Seriously, thank you to each and every one of you. I can't imagine what it would be like to go into war, but I do imagine it being terrifying. I truly look up to your bravery. I am so grateful that I am safe here at home because each of you are out protecting our country. It's amazing, and I just thought you deserved a little bit more recognition.)

2) Candles
(Yep, I'm getting real deep now. I'm totally serious though. I loveeee candles! They make everything feel more comfy and snuggly. This time of year calls for a candle to be burning no matter what hour of the day it is. I had a rough day on Friday. It just kept getting worse and all I wanted to do was take a nap. But, I had sweet brother's football game to go to. So, I dimmed the lights, played Christmas music, and lit a candle. I sat there for a few minutes and everything just felt better. My heart felt warm and my room smelled amazing. When it was time to leave I had to force myself out of my room. I felt so peaceful and happy. I'm that girl that will go out of my way at Target just to smell the candles. I'm the one that will light every candle in the house before it is dark. They are just, cozy and I really really love them)

3) Missionary Work
I LOVE missionaries! Maybe it's because I'm a convert and I had THE most amazing missionaries teach me the lessons, or maybe it's because they are always so happy and nice, but it's probably because I have a realllyy cute missionary in Ohio right now and every time I see a missionary here I think of him there :) Either way, I love missionary work so so very much. I love getting letters and emails from Elder Moore telling us all about his success and the people he is teaching. He has developed such a love for those people and wants the best for each of them. Because all of my amazing friends were so willing to share the gospel and be amazing missionaries, I am a member of Christ's church today. This church has the biggest missionary program of any other church, we clearly put a very strong emphasis on sharing the gospel. We want everyone to feel the happiness we feel. There is nothing secret about the Mormon church, in fact we knock on your doors to tell you all about it! I am pretty much best friends with the sisters in my new ward. I seriously love them and I am so sad that one of them is going home in December! I have had the opportunity to go teach with them a few times and each time my heart is filled with so much joy. The work they are doing is amazing. I love seeing everyone's faces light up as we testify of gospel truths. It changes lives and I am witnessing it right before my own eyes. I witnessed it in myself, and now I am able to see it in others. I really love this gospel and I would love to share more about it with anyone who would like to know more. You can email me with any questions at ajoy94@gmail.com or simply request to speak with a missionary right here. It never hurts to ask! Anyhow, I am so grateful for missionary work all around the world. I really really love being Mormon)

Well ta ta for now!
I'll be back soon :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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