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Monday, September 16, 2013
Actually two.

I will never quite understand why Miley went crazy, other than the fact that Hollywood will just do that to ya... but I still feel so sad for her.
I miss Hannah Montana, her beautiful locks, and the sweet southern girl she was.
She was an idol of some sorts to many young girls.
I have had a hard time growing up and seeing people change in ways that Miley has.
It makes me so sad to see girls prance around in skirts that are clearly too small for them, or to wear those shirts where quite frankly... why wear anything at all?
What guy is ever going to respect you?
What confidence are you ever going to gain from that?
Oh, and how are you ever going to teach your children to do the opposite of what you are doing?
I'm sorry, I just... don't understand.
Anyhow I found an amazing blog post from a girl that just gets it.
I thought you all might like to read it as well.
So, here ya go!

Also, football season is in full swing!
My brother's first home game was on Friday night.
It was a blow out.
I almost felt bad for the other team.

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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