Back in Business.

Monday, September 16, 2013
Guess what! 
I answered every single question that was pending over here!
I'm sorry it took so long, I wasn't avoiding any questions in particular... I just had a growing list of things to do and finally crossed a bunch of things off that list making time for me to answer all of your great questions :)
Seriously though, thank you so much to all of you that are asking all of these questions. 
I really do enjoy answering them.
A special thank you to everyone that has said just the sweetest things to me on there.
It makes my day so much brighter! :)
You are all awesome!

So one of the things that was growing on my list of "to do's" was to finally put together a wedding video for my dear friend's brother and his sweet wife.
It was such a beautiful day and you could really see how happy they were and the love in their eyes. 
There is something so special about a temple marriage.
Time and all eternity just sounds so sweet :)
Here's the video!

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