An Ongoing Occurrence

Monday, September 30, 2013
I sit on my bed staring at my laptop with a thousand things to blog about.
I type a few words and press the backspace.
I type a few more and backspace those words too.
I lay my head back on my pillow and wonder why I can't just organize my thoughts.
I close my eyes and wonder why I even feel obligated to blog if I can't even spit out what I think I need to say.
I navigate to a few open tabs and take my mind off the empty post.
I find something inspirational and my spirits are lifted.
My happy place comes back to me and a smile forms.

The internet can be used for so many harmful activities and can be so addicting if we let it take over our lives.
However, it can be so resourceful and useful at the same time.
I've wondered several times if the Lord wants me to serve a mission. 
So, I pray for opportunities to be a missionary in my daily life. 
I have been given several opportunities online to be a missionary and to hopefully share the happiness that this church has filled me with. 

The days that I feel my lowest, are the days I pray for an opportunity to share the restored gospel.
That is what fills me with strength and happiness. 
Through helping others understand what exactly the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is really all about, my testimony has taken flight like I never thought possible.

Some days I just want to blab about how crazy life has been and how rough things can get.
Then my mind gets jumbled and that is when something inspirational comes my way. 
I love my church and I love how much happiness it has brought me.
I want to share that happiness and if the only way I can do so is through social networking, then I will use it to my advantage.
Please take a little time to check this out.
We have a living prophet on earth today and after watching this, how could you not love him?
Tell me you didn't feel the spirit after listening to that?
And one last thing:
This weekend is General Conference in which we are able to hear the inspired words of the prophet. 
You can watch it live online right here, and I sure hope you do :)

I believe that is all from me. 
Have a wonderful week! :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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