It's Game Time.

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

For more reasons than one.
 I'm beginning to get ready for Hunter to come home... I don't know exactly what that entails but my marriage prep class seems to be covering that section of this wait quite nicely.
The butterflies are wide awake and have decided I should only stop thinking about him when they decide. Which is pretty much never. I can't count how many times I've woken up to my heart racing after dreaming of being reunited.

Today is a glorious day.
Today marks 20 whole months since I have seen the love love of my life.
Which actually isn't glorious at all haha.
Butttt that means I get to wrap my arms around him in only four Moore months :)

I can't quite explain the joy I'm feeling inside right now. It's a whirlwind of emotion.
One day ill be able to pinpoint the way he makes me feel, but for now ill just have you know that I cannot believe how much my love has grown for him. Day in and day out I stand amazed at how strong the love we share really is. I don't know how being apart has only caused me to become more and more smitten by him, but it has.
Distance truly does make the heart grow fonder. 

 He's coming home you guys. He really is actually going to come home. And that dream, is beginning to actually feel like a reality.

He is loving every second of his time spent serving The Lord as he teaches the gospel to the people in Ohio. He is currently a zone leader and has been for quite some time. He has let me know how grateful he is for that opportunity and how much love he has developed for his zone. Nothing makes me happier than knowing how happy he is :) 

Finally reaching the 20 month mark makes me so SO happy. I can't believe we are out of the teens for good. I can't believe we haven't seen each other in 20 months. Twenty long long months. Lately I've had several people ask me how on earth I do it. Although I actually can't believe it myself... I usually tell them that if you love someone enough you will do absolutely anything to end up with them. Including not seeing them for 2 whole years. And, it just so happens we both wouldn't want him anywhere else right now :) I may be crazy for enduring this wait, but I'm definitely crazy in love.
And well, that's worth it to me :)

Remember how last time we left off with story time right here? Well, I noticed that I'm moving slightly slow in this whole story. So, I have decided I'm gonna cover a lot of ground this time around. After all, I only have four Moore months until I expected to be done with this :) 
I'm sorry that this post is eternal, but, I just can't help it :)

So, I think a good place to start would be the moment I told him the truth. Over a text message of course. I was 15 what do you expect? I was home and had just gotten back from cheer practice. It was still summertime and we only had a little bit of time left. The beginning of my summer was a fairy tale spent with the man of my dreams every single day. It concluded feeling empty. Remember that one time I told you I fell for him real hard and real fast? Yeah, well I still dearly loved him and it was harder than anything to think he wasn't feeling the same way. I was up in my room when I got a call from his phone. It was one of those calls where they clearly accidentally dialed your number but you are still so intrigued that you listen to all the background noise hoping to hear something interesting. To my dismay I heard laughter from giggly girls. I didn't recognize it but I kept listening until the call was dropped. I remember feeling sad, but just letting it pass. Until, the next 5 calls happened. At this point I knew it wasn't an accident. It was one of his friends that wanted me to hear the girls on the other end. Why? That friend still won't tell me why, but he has apologized for it. He informed me that Hunter was in fact with that one girl I had mentioned from other posts. I was crushed. So I took a shower and cried. Have you ever cried in the shower? Gosh it's the best. When I got out I realized I was past the sad stage and entered into the angry stage. I texted Hunter. I let him know exactly how I was feeling, how hurt I was, how wrong it seemed that he would lead me on all summer then drop me like a bad habit, I gave it to him and I gave it all I got. Then I dropped my phone and waited. I told myself I wasn't going to look at it until I was ready. Ha! That was a joke. I looked at it just about every minute until he finally responded. He said he was sorry. And well, that was just about it. You can only imagine how angry that made me haha. You can't just say sorry and pretend everything is okay right? I just didn't reply and pretended that I wasn't thinking about him every second of every day. The first day back to school felt almost identical to my first day of freshman year. I couldn't stop looking for him. I couldn't stop trying to figure out what to even say to him. We said a few hello's every once and a while when we saw each other but that was about it. I had asked to be his "locker buddy" again that year. Every year the cheerleaders were given about 3 football players names to decorate their lockers on game days. So, the Thursday before the big game I asked him what kinds of treats he wanted. We ended up texting all night that night. I ended up staying awake into the wee hours of the night making the decorations for his locker perfect. That next day we spoke as if we were right back to the way we were over summer. The long hugs started back up and he was walking me to my classes. I was still slightly bitter but I truly couldn't help falling in love with him. To me, he was the definition of perfect. After the game that night we hugged as if we never skipped a beat. It felt so easy to jump right back to where we left off. From there things only progressed. We started to hold hands at school, he would walk me to my classes and wait until the one minute bell to give our last hug, we would text in class (only if we had free time I'll add), we started to spend more weekends together as well. We felt like an actual couple. It felt so perfect. It was so clear to me that he was the one I always wanted. Marrying each other became our favorite topic of choice. Now wait, you probably are thinking I'm a crazy person right now. No we were not technically "boyfriend and girlfriend" because we didn't think we needed that dumb title. Our relationship was between the two of us. Plus if he's gonna "pop the question" it's not gonna be "will you be my girlfriend?" It will be "Will you marry me?" That's just how we saw it. So anyhow we both planted the idea in our heads that he would go on his mission at 19, I would wait for him, he would come home, we would get engaged and married shortly after, have 10 kids, and live happily ever after. It was perfect. This is probably going to sound so ridiculously cheesy but it really is true that when I looked into his eyes I saw eternity. I saw my past, present, and future. He was the one and I knew it. Little did I know that the reason he had stopped talking to me at the end of summer was because his parents had asked him if we kissed and he let them know that we in fact did. Well, that didn't go over so well. He knew he wasn't supposed to be getting into a serious relationship before his mission and his parents were protecting him from that. It just so happens that I was the girl he couldn't seem to get out of his head. The way we were headed, we were in fact entering into a serious relationship. His parents caught on to that pretty quickly. So... one afternoon they brought us into the back office to discuss this situation. Despite the tears rolling down my cheeks every single word they said made sense and I agreed with what they were advising us on. It was hard to be a teenager and grasp the fact that I had to make adult decisions for the better. Including spending much much much less time with my sweetheart. He had a mission to prepare for, we were young, and getting too serious too fast would only lead to trouble. We agreed to separate for as long as we needed to. But, I had never felt so devastated in my life. Hunter took me home that night. I cried the entire way home. He did too. He tried to lighten the mood by singing  to the Taylor Swift song in the background  but it happened to be "I'd Lie" and that just made me cry more haha. When we got to my house he asked if he could hug me. I was not going to decline that offer. So we hugged and could not seem to let go. We were both against saying "I love you" at the time because we knew how important those 3 words really were and we didn't want to use them lightly. So instead, we would just literally say "3 words" and the other person would say "4." I had never wanted to say those 3 actual words so bad in my life but we kept the tradition and I smiled as he wiped away my tears. I was crushed, but I tried to stay strong for him. That was, until I got to my bedroom. That week was torture. We pretended as if we didn't know each other and every time I had to fight back my tears. The next week I decided I needed to write him a letter. I wrote everything I was feeling and let him know exactly how I felt about him. It ended up being 6 pages front and back and I slipped it into his pocket one day before class. The next day he caught me just before I went to one of my classes. It was raining and I was debating finding an alternate route. Thank goodness I didn't. He ran up to me and handed me a note of his own. He looked at me and said "Your letter meant a lot to me, please read mine." I promised I would, but it was still pouring rain and I knew we were both going to be late if we didn't get to class. So I said goodbye. He grabbed my hand and pulled me in for the first hug in 2 weeks. That is a hug I will never forget. Ever. I don't even care that my hair got all wet, I had never felt so warm, a hug had never felt so right. The second I got home from school I read that letter. Every word brought a new tear to my eyes. It was beyond perfect. I knew he still had the same feelings for me and that even though we had to put our relationship on hold for the time being, he still wanted me to be his forever. At the end of the letter he said "Ps listen to the song "Then" by Brad Paisley. That is exactly how I feel about you." I still treasure every word to that song. We were now into basketball season and I was his locker buddy for that as well. That Friday I had written him a sweet little note of encouragement and of course, love. For that game the cheerleaders were sharing a bus with the basketball players. I chose my seat and he moved closer to be right behind me. I was laying down trying to sleep a little bit when I felt him grab my ipod. He said he needed to be pumped up before the game. I was half asleep when I felt one earphone drop on my chest from over the seat. I grabbed it and put it in my ear. Nothing was playing... Then I saw his sweet face peak over the seat to make sure I had in fact put it in my ear. He smirked and then disappeared. The next thing I knew "Then" was playing and I couldn't fight back the tears. He sat up in his seat and reached his hand over to grab mine and held it throughout the entire song. I had always known I loved him, but goodness I truly felt like my heart was going to beat right out of my chest. I couldn't wipe that smile off my face for the rest of the night. I was smitten. I felt like the luckiest girl on the face of the earth
Ha, and I thought I loved him then ;)

Now that I have written a novel, I think I'll end there :)
I can't wait to finish up sophomore year. 
Just get ready for a few more bumps in the road ;)
It's okay we all know how the story ends up!
Alright until next time :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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