Monday, July 29, 2013
I really love Utah.
There is always so much fun to be had there.
I really enjoyed my time in the Beehive State this past week.
On pioneer day we remembered all the that the pioneers endured by going to pioneer park in Provo, then ate at yummmyy Zupas! I really appreciate all the pioneers went through and still kept an undying faith. 
It amazes me. 
We also went shopping, had a blast at Seven Peaks, ate at cafe rio, wandered BYU, had a sleepover with Lauren (I realllyy missed her), spent quality time visiting people, went on a hike that led to a waterfall water slide, ate more delicious food, toured the NuSkin building (and got lots of free stuff! Thanks Jensen and Tracy!), and explored good 'ol Provo :)

 All My love,
Aleigh Joy

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