Breaking the Fast

Monday, July 15, 2013

3 weeks without emails and letters.
(as mentioned in this post.)
I'm pretty dang sure that we can conquer anything now.
This relationship has sure thrown us plenty of tests and trials.
I'm happy to say each one has come out successful.
Today we exchanged our first emails in 3 weeks and my heart just about melted when I opened his.

"Aleigh, i love everything about you and i always will. You are my other half in every sense of the phrase. Thank you for always being by my side in everything. Your love and support means everything to me."

Ahh, it was worth it.
And "it" always is :)
Somehow not being able to write him or receive anything from him made me realize my love for him even more.
Crazy how that works.
Six months left, this reunion will be epic.
It is finally starting to feel real, and not just a dream :)

By the way...
I was missing that sweet boy of mine the other day.
So what do I do? 
Ya know, just search his high school highlight film on youtube.
Upon searching I found this gem of a video.
At 1:45 you will find Hunter being interviewed after a great game.
I nearly cried while watching this video.
It's him, it's really him!
And, that is as close to real life as I'm getting right now.
Ahh his smile, his voice, his body langauge :)
He's real again.
And, he's coming home in a little less than six months :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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