Eighteen. 3/4. A Year And A Half. What?

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Yeah, that's a long title...
but it has also been a VERY long time since I have seen my sweet Hunter.
Guys, Hunter Miles Moore returns home in but six months (and really probably less) .
Wait hold on it's way Moore exciting than that, let's try this again.
Yeah that's Moore like it :)

I'm at a loss for words right now.
I'm really quite shocked. 
This day came ridiculously fast and horribly slow all at the same time.
The past couple of months I have found myself practically hyperventilating each time a new month passed.
I pretty much turned into a crazy person. Truth.
I felt nervous jitters, enormous amounts of excitement, stupid anxiety, and did a whole lot of day dreaming as my palms got sweaty just thinking about intertwining and locking our fingers together again. 
I still do feel this way, but more than anything, I am now just ready for him to come home.
This is the final stretch if you ask me.
I've thought about this journey like a football game. (I was a cheerleader, he played football. It kinda played a big role in our relationship ha) 
So, We are now in the last quarter. And then it's over.
I know we are going to win this game, my quarterback will lead us to victory.
Oh, and I have cheered him on the whole way.
Nothing will change, and I am certain :)

I have found that with each passing month I have opened up more about my love for Hunter.
I like it this way, I have clearly fallen. Hard.
A little while ago the sweet boy informed me that I needed to listen to This Beautiful Song (I have no clue who the couple is in the video, it was the only good version I could find ha.) by the Nashville Tribute Band.
"They say love is eternal, well, i guess they must be right. 

Cause I've got a timeless place for you in my heart.
how I could love you this much, I don't know.
There's this ageless feelin' that tells me more and more:
I must have loved you before."
You better believe I found myself crying tears of happiness as I listened to the beautiful words.
I miss my best friend.
A lot, but this love is eternal, and this will all be worth it.

Woah, this post is eternal.
Eh, but so is the wait for a missionary.
So, you get a feel for what I'm going through ;)
Haha okay here's the next little blurb of our teenage love story:

The last post left off right here so the next part is when things rapidly sped up. And I mean it, like we fell into rushing rapids and even though we easily knew we needed to get out we just somehow couldn't beat how quickly we got pulled in. I found myself craving his hugs and driving myself crazy missing just being in his presence. The crazy thing is, I hardly even knew him back then. But, it felt like I had known him my entire life. The connection we had, made it apparent we really must have loved each other before. I still got nervous around him. I think an entire family of butterflies found a home in my tummy my freshman year. They have stayed there since. At this point in time, I began spending more time at his house. We quickly found many things we both liked to do and it felt so perfect and easy whenever we were together. It felt like a fairy tale, just how Disney channel teaches you love should feel like. I felt it, full throttle, the only problem was that I had no idea how he was feeling. I knew he was opening up to me, I knew he had an interest, and I knew he made an effort to spend time with me. But, it was high school and that explains it all. I have worn one specific perfume since eighth grade. Pink Sugar. Hunter has always loved it, he would even text me to remind me to wear it when I would spend time with him because he loved it so much. Ha, like I would forget that? I knew how much he loved it, and I wanted him to love me that way :) One day after school Hunter and I were playing blitz together. (it was a little football video game that we pretended I was good at haha) Between plays he would lean in and smell me and then let out a deep sigh of approval as he would inch closer to me. I must admit that I would occasionally mess the play up on purpose because I knew that meant he would inch closer. He clearly got as close as he could so he began to reach for my hand. Cue butterflies. Then his phone buzzed. He received a text from, "you know who." Cue depression. He looked at the message, dropped his phone, and set it to the side. I was in shock. But I reallllyyy liked it. So, our friends were still calling us "just besties" but now in the most sarcastic tone you could ever imagine. Things between the two of us were still as confusing as ever. We spent a ridiculous amount of time together but couldn't seem to have "that" conversation. I loved how innocent the whole idea of us being together seemed. However to him, it didn't seem completely innocent. Hunter had just turned sixteen that year. He was technically now aloud to date. But, a girlfriend was out of reach. It probably would have been nice to know this at the time, but instead I played the waiting game even before he left for his mission. I was okay with it though. The chase was fun, and spending innocent time with him was even more fun. We really were best friends, but we were clearly hooked on each other. I was finally getting somewhere when I realized I needed to tell him I was leaving for an entire month to go to Europe with my family over the summer. It scared me to think that I wouldn't be near him, let alone the same country, for an entire month. My teenage brain thought of all the possibilities. "what if he loses interest?" "what if he goes back to her?" "what if he forgets about me??" Yeah, I've been crazy about him since day one. After telling him, he said that we would just be crazy best friends spending every day together soaking up the summer sun until the day I leave. And that, we did. From riding around in the jeep with the top off to playing volleyball on the driveway. Swimming in his neighbors pool to playing blitz and war until my parents couldn't stay up any longer waiting for me to come home. Getting Jack in the Box milkshakes to watching the newest movies. Jamming out on rockband to... oh wait. I'm skipping ahead to the best part! That's for the next post ;)
And on that note, this story has reached the point where I type:
to be continued...

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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