Sunday 'Spiration

Monday, July 22, 2013
I realize I left the "in" in inspiration off, but it flows better ya know?
As I was getting ready for church this morning I decided to search youtube for an inspirational video to listen to.
Technology is a really cool thing people.
Lately I have been struggling with explaining how important the temple is to me.
I can't stress how thankful I am for temples all over, but it is so hard to tell others that who can't even walk inside. 
I've tried so hard to find the perfect answer to helping others understand just how special temples really are in our faith, but no words ever seemed to completely express that.
Therefore, I decided I needed to watch something on temples.
I found the most amazing video.
I teared up at how perfect he explains everything. 
Watch it for yourselves.
And hopefully, just maybe, some of you may better understand how sacred temples truly are.

I love the temple.
I love the sweet spirit I am filled with as I get to participate in the wonderful work we do inside. 
I know that temples are part of God's plan for us and I know that as long as I keep myself worthy to enter the temple I will receive numerous blessings.
I know that I can be sealed to my sweetheart for time and all eternity in the temple and that we will be able to create an eternal family because of it.
I cannot wait for that day :)
I know that the work we do inside is incredibly important.
I love the temple, and I love being Mormon.

Happy Sabbath my friends!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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