Thursday Thoughts.

Thursday, May 16, 2013
Do you ever go about your day and think.. "ahh man that would make a great blog post!"
...and then totally forget about it.
Yeah, me too. 
And then days like today come along and suddenly everything comes back to me.
Brace yo'selves. 
Here goes nothing. 

People. Gatsby was out of this world.
I felt hypnotized the entire time. 
Leonardo is H-O-T
(Hunter still wins though, saw that coming huh?)
This song has been stuck in my head since seeing the movie.

Demi Lovato.
Like when the heck did I become so obsessed with her??
I stayed up til midnight to buy her CD.
But I love it.
Girlfriend has some power within.

My lover.
Oh hey perfection, I'd really like to keep you around a while.
Thanks for sending zillions of pictures. I melt. Every time.
Your letters continue to bring out my best side. 
Especially when I find old ones tucked away in mysterious journals.
"I couldn't have asked for a better gift from God...
You are the greatest gift I have ever received... 
I never knew I could love and care about someone this much!"
You win, Hunt. 

Someone help me.
I have a problem.
Shopping is like a game to me.
But the thing is, you wouldn't believe how good I am at it!
Boat shoes for 95 cents. I dig it.
But, I'm running out of room and its unnecessary. 

Dear Summer heat.
You do realize it is still spring right?
Ohh, you thought it was already your turn?
It's okay man, we cool. 

"don't you know that I love you? I wouldn't dream of going no where."
I miss you Hunt.
I'm living off memories right now, I'm ready for the real thang. 
Okay "sappy"-ness done.

For Mother's Day
I made my mama a video :)
If you have a solid 14 minutes take a look!
I wrapped a box of tissues when I gave it to her.
They were needed :)
(There were technical difficulties involved with my sister's speaking portion...dang iphones)


All my love,
Aleigh Joy


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