Another year older :)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

I had the most wonderful birthday yesterday, it truly was one to remember.
I'm so thankful I have such amazing family and friends that took time out of their days to make me feel loved and special! 
I really appreciate all of the wonderful warm wishes and heartfelt gifts. 
This is the last year of my teens! And... it definitely has started with a bang :)

On Thursday night my lovely co-workers took me out to see Iron Man 3 (which was totally awesome and hilarious) 
At exactly midnight they leaned over to me during a seriously intense part to wish me a happy birthday :)
Afterwards they gave me such a sweet present, tons of hugs, and an amazing card.
I don't know how I got so lucky to work with such amazing people :)

I could not seem to sleep in the next morning, it happens every year!
After showering I danced around in my bedroom to Taylor Swift and for a split second tried to get it through my head that I'm 19. Then I stopped, because I still feel 16 :)

Sweet Samantha and I went to Encinitas to eat at a lovely cafe and get our sunburn on.
The beach was beautiful, I was born on such a gorgeous May day :)

I then went home to get ready for dinner.
Before leaving, I opened Samantha's darling present, she knows me too well!
Then I finally got to open the sweetest package ever from my Hunter love :)
It was filled with a sweatshirt, a tshirt, and a blankie from Ohio State, and also included pictures, giftcards, flowers, a Book of Mormon, and the most amazing letter of all time.
I felt on top of the world :)

Then I had so much fun with my family as we went out to dinner at Ruby's diner on the pier! 
It's practically tradition now. 
We walked along the pier and enjoyed the gorgeous sunset. 
I live in paradise :)

Once we got home I opened all my presents and spent the night in good company with my family :)

I can't believe this is the last year I'll ever be a teenager.

I put together a little video... by no means am I a pro, but it sure was fun :)
Check it out Here! :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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