Only a few more hours...

Thursday, May 2, 2013
Yesterday, as I was cooking dinner hysterically fast so that I could deliver it to the family I cook for on time, Friend walked in with 2 packages.
As she walked in, I didn't notice either because I was flipping the slabs of meat I had over the stove.
After exchanging hello's she says, "There are 2 packages here for you!"
I expected one with my new phone case, but the second was a mystery...
She then pulled the second package above the counter so that I could see.
I recognized the package right away... its the flat rate box. The one that is usually personally sent.
Clearly, confusion was the emotion. 
I walked over to look at it and the return address was clearly ( but not exactly legibly haha) marked Elder Hunter Moore.
The confusion quickly turned into utter happiness and disbelief.
I blurted out "Awww he is SO sweet!" and then set the package right next to me as I continued to cook.
The entire time I would catch myself smiling and staring at it as if I had x-ray vision to figure out what was inside.
Right before I left to deliver the food Friend asked if I was going to open it. I told her that I just havee to wait until my birthday. 
So that, is what I am doing. Waiting until my birthday :)
And the anticipation is killing me! 
If only I could transfer some of this waiting will power to the lack I have thereof when it comes to sweets. 
Sometimes, just sometimes, I really enjoy this whole long distance situation. 
2 years apart, and more in love than we ever could have dreamed of :)

Ohh and a sidenote...
We have this game going on. 
We have been trying to one up each other with clever nick names throughout practically the entire journey. 
Sometimes they are just realllyy out there.. other times they are straight out of the notebook. 
This past letter, made it all the way to outer space. And its the little things, like calling me his muffin squash, that make me fall that much more in love :)

Ps, I totally called him my hot snuggly zucchini bread. It only makes sense if I'm the muffin squash right?

I sure love having a pen pal :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy


  1. so exciting! those packages are really the best! happy birthday!

  2. I can't wait to see what it is! :) So happy for you Aleigh!