Sweet Sixteen.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

What the?
I was told the second year would go by much faster but my goodness, this is causing some anxiety.
I also so didn't believe those people as my aching heart longed for my sweetheart to just come back in those first few months.
I swear every month I feel a month behind.
I was just getting used to being in the fifteenth month and then BAM! The sixteenth arrives.
It's kinda like a birthday, you just get the hang of saying you are a certain age then time messes with you and suddenly you have to change that answer...
Only in this case the faster time goes by, the happier I get because it's less time I have to spend apart from my sweet Hunter :)

This month I went along with the expected theme...
It also happens to be my birthday month so it all works out just peachy.
Sixteen down baby, only 8 to go!
And most likely less :)

I wish you could all see Hunter the way i do, the way he has changed and matured.
I'm sure his family understands quite well, but gosh he sure is something special :)
He was perfect before he left (in my eyes) but somehow he has only gotten better :)
I treasure every letter we share.
I get a whirlwind of emotions as I take in every sweet word he writes.
Somehow that boy now writes like Nicholas Sparks, its amazing really.
I love him with every nook and cranny of my heart, and I always will :)

So last I recall I left off right here... 
Ohhh rightttt... when the whole "bestie" situation happened ;)
So now that I was on a whole new level of friendship with the man of my dreams I felt a little bit territorial over him. I mean with his dreamy looks and amazing personality you would too... Hunter had a way of cheering me up even on the lamest of days. He was so good at that even if he didn't know it. Let's be honest, all he really had to do was smile and suddenly the whole world seemed a little less dim. We became quite good at the whole best friendship thing... you know talking about anything and everything and always being there for the one in need. One of our favorite topics was definitely the church, and let me tell you I had lotsss of questions. He happily answered and quickly noticed how easily I took it all in. I seemed to love everything I was hearing. Every word made sense, and if it somehow didn't, we would go back to square one to make sure the fuzzy spots were taken care of. Among the many topics we enjoyed discussing, not once was the topic of the opposite sex brought up. You know, like, asking who the other one was crushing on. I think I was too afraid to know his answer and he probably didn't think much of it. April was suddenly behind us with our best friendship in full swing. We had hungout a few more times, our phones were constantly being used due to unlimited texting, and at school we didn't leave each other's sides. We still of course, claimed to be nothing other than "just besties."  By this time I had met a few more of his family members including his brother who had just gotten home from winter semester at BYU because he would be leaving for his mission very soon. My birthday is the third day of May and I had a lovely friend whose birthday was in the last week of April. For the past few years we had done a birthday bonfire together at the beach with glow sticks, smores, and pizza. This year, I got to invite Hunter :) I was so happy when he arrived, and alongside him was his brother. Clearly the crowd was a little bit too young because his brother kept my mom company haha. Meanwhile I was chatting away with Hunter :) I was sticking glow sticks on his wrists, ankles, backpack, neck, and any other visible area to stick a glow stick. He kept telling me he wanted to look "fresh." We had a really great time together and he was clearly satisfied because he asked me to come over to his house yet again. I started to get really close to him and his brother. Most nights we spent either swimming, at Jack in the box, or just with lots of people over at his house. Each night brought a new memory and each memory brought a stronger attraction between us two. I clearly remember coming over to his house one night after my cheer banquet. I was wearing a dress and felt uncomfortable, so he took me to his room and gave me a tshirt to wear. I wore it home, and he told me I didn't need to give it back as long as I took good care of it :) That I did :) So at this point in time we started to spend every weekend together and it became more expected than not. Also at this point in time, I noticed my fascination with his church growing stronger and stronger. I couldn't fight the feeling, even though in complete honesty I tried. So the questions came quicker and quicker and our talks got deeper and deeper. And that... is a good place to stop :)

This one was a bit boring, sorry. But it had to be covered to get to the next part :)

Here's to another month, and more memories I get to relive :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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