Why I Chose the Chicco KeyFit 30 Magic For Baby C

Wednesday, July 26, 2017
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Oh baby gear, there's just so much of it out there!
Strollers, swings, car seats, carriers, swaddles, toys, clothes, diaper bags... it's seriously overwhelming to a newly pregnant mama.
Or at least it was for me...
When I found out I was pregnant with Oaklyn, I was honestly clueless as to what we actually needed and what was worth it to save and splurge on.
I remember taking out my laptop and searching "what do I need for my baby?"
That almost overwhelmed me more because I realized how much we needed and even worse, how much it would cost!
Needless to say, I closed my laptop and decided I would figure it out later.
One thing I truly believe is worth splurging on, is the car seat. 
A car seat needs to do its job and keep your baby safe.
I had no idea what type of car seat to get with Oaklyn so we just settled for a travel system that was on sale and called it good.
That was my first big mistake in motherhood haha!
I should have read the reviews, gone to a store to test it out, heard what car seat techs have to say, and maybe spent less on clothes so we could get a better car seat ha.
The one we got was a huge pain to install, never felt secure when installed, the straps always got twisted, and to be honest... was not the safest.

This time around we decided that the old car seat was one thing not worth saving.
We threw it out and did some research on getting a newer, safer one.
I was looking at a few well known brands and just couldn't get past the fact that the Chicco KeyFit 30 had the absolute best reviews.
I also went into my favorite local baby store and asked them a few questions and they told me they always recommend this car seat.

So... what's so great about it??
Well, it's the #1-rated infant car seat in America.
So, that for starters is always good to hear!
It has also been voted as the easiest car seat to install which is a huge selling point for Hunter since he usually does the car seat transferring haha. 
It Features ReclineSure® Spring-Loaded Leveling System and dual RideRight® bubble level indicators for an accurate fit. 
When the car seat is properly positioned, SuperCinch® LATCH Tightener uses force-multiplying technology to achieve a super tight fit with a fraction of the effort!
The KeyFit® 30 Magic is designed to hold babies from 4 to 30 lbs and has a reversible infant insert that is both breathable mesh and soft fabric for babies 4-11lbs. 
A large canopy with a zip-out, mesh extension allows gentle breezes to pass through which I thought was SO cool!
This is actually one of the differences between the regular KeyFit 30 and the Magic.
I love that the canopy extends further for extra shade. 
The magic also comes with the all-weather boot which easily folds open to give parents convenient, full-access to both baby and harness. It is also easily removable when you don't need it.
It has energy-absorbing EPS foam lining, a 5-point harness, and reversible infant insert which creates both a comfortable and safe place for your baby.

Because I want this review to be completely honest, I will say we have not actually used this car seat yet.
Baby C isn't going to be here for a couple more weeks so I haven't been able to actually use it on an infant, but just from having it in my hands and checking out all the features, I'm positive it is a million times better than the car seat we had with Oaklyn. 
Also, we tested it out with Oaklyn's (very well loved) teddy bear and loved the fit!
It is incredibly easy to remove from and insert into the base, weighs enough that I feel my baby will be safe in the event of an accident, yet is also light enough for me to carry, and I love the look of it!
We have the NextFit Zip for Oaklyn and have loved it so much that I knew we would become longtime Chicco users.
When searching for a car seat, I highly suggest looking into all it offers.
Car seat safety is HUGE so do yourself a favor and get this car seat next time around :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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