Gearing Up For Baby Girl

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Guys... we're totally in the final stretch here waiting for little miss to arrive.
I cannot believe how fast this pregnancy has gone!
It hit me pretty hard the other day when I realized we hadn't even taken the car seat out of the box yet... oops.
So this past week, we have been in nesting mode!
Not just me, Hunter too ;)
We finally got the crib out of Oaklyn's room and really pushed the big girl bed.
We arranged the nursery furniture and put together some of the items I knew we'd need right away.
It felt really good to be a little more prepared for her and to have both the girls rooms a little more put together.
I have several "must-have" items on my list from when Oaks was a baby, but so much more has come out since then!
I've narrowed down what I really think we'll need from the ever growing list of new baby gear out there and I'll be sharing my favorites with you!

The first thing I want to talk about is the DockATot!
I have literally only heard the same review about this thing from everyone, and that is that they all LOVE it!
So what exactly is it?
I'll tell ya!
It was designed to offer a snug and soothing environment for babies.
Since they just spent nine months inside, it somewhat recreates that same feeling.
Babies can both lounge, sleep, and play in them!
Since they are super lightweight, you can pretty much bring them anywhere.
That makes sleeping during play dates easy, and lounging around the house a breeze!
It also can facilitate supervised tummy time with the raised sides.
The bigger size, the grand, is also great for toddlers when trying to transition them out of the crib and into a big kid bed. 
Why on earth did I not get one for Oaklyn too?? 
That probably would make this toddler bed transition easier!

So why did I decide this was a must-have this time around?
Well, I knew this child was going to have to be okay being put down more than Oaks was.
That's not to say she'll be okay with being put down more, but at least the DockATot will give me a safe and comfortable place to lay her when I need to either take care of Oaks or get other stuff done.
We have a swing for little miss, but I always hated moving it around with Oaklyn.
It was big and bulky and needed a plug.
I like the functionality and ease of moving the DockATot around.
The other reason is that I knew we'd need another place for this babe to sleep.
We go visit out families in San Diego a few times a year.
It's been easy with just Oaklyn, but now we're going to be bringing two littles!
For the first little bit, I love that we can just use the DockATot easily at our parent's houses

So, I can't offer my own personal review at this time since we've only put Oaklyn's teddy bear in it... but click here to read a bunch of reviews!
I'll be sure to update you all when little Miss C arrives :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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