Making the Toddler Bed Transition Smooth For Mom

Monday, July 31, 2017

We recently transitioned Oaklyn to a toddler bed in preparation of the new little girl that is joining our family very soon.
I was actually terrified to switch Oaklyn over because we had such a good thing going already with her in the crib and I really didn't want to mess that up.
She hadn't learned how to climb out, she slept great, and sleeping is something that is reallyy important to me.
Whether it be naps or night time sleep, we both really need that time away from each other to feel refreshed haha.
Especially with a new baby on the way, I really didn't want to mess that up!

However, I knew the transition would have to happen at some point so I thought I might as well do it before the new baby needs the crib. 
I was so stuck on when to actually do the transition because Oaklyn had to have eye surgery at the end of June.
I really didn't want to do it before because I was scared she would regress with the pain of the eye surgery and I didn't want to do it right after because I wanted her to comfortably be able to sleep in her crib.
Turns out the surgery didn't really impact sleeping much so we waited about 2 weeks after and decided to go for it.
I overthink just about everything so as Hunter was moving the crib over to the nursery and setting Oaklyn's new little toddler bed in place I felt sick to my stomach.
"What if we don't sleep at all tonight, what if this means naps are no more, what if she hates it..."
Nighttime came and she clung to Hunter like her life depended on it when he tried to put her in bed.
She screamed for an hour about how she didn't want to go in the big girl bed ha.
I finally was able to get her in bed and she began whining the second I closed the door.
I felt so bad for her!
It was honestly such a scary transition for her and I was so prepared to just bring the crib back in her room haha.
Hunter let me know that she would be okay and I that made me feel a little better, but honestly, what made me feel the best was having our Project Nursery Video Monitor to be able to check in and make sure she was okay. 

My eyes were glued to the screen as I was able to watch her get comfortable and finally fall asleep.
I never had a monitor, nonetheless a video monitor, when she was a baby and I loved being able to have it during this transition. 
It made me feel so much better being able to watch her and make sure she was okay. 
I was able to see if she rolled off the bed, if she didn't seem comfortable, if she looked scared, and if she had gotten out.
I honestly think having a video monitor has been key for me as the mom in this transition.
It has made it so much smoother for me to see her and not have to walk in and wake her up.
This monitor also has the option for me to talk to her and let her know she's okay if she's having a hard night, without actually going in there. 
There's also a fun setting where you can turn on lullabies and Oaklyn loves it!
I've also loved that it tells me the temperature because this summer has been SO hot!
It helps Hunter and I determine if we need to turn the air cooler or warmer for her comfort. 

Overall, I have been SO pleased with this monitor and I'm just so glad we've had it during this transition.
It has honestly made all the difference for me!
I love that I can sit and work during nap time and just look down and make sure she's okay, and I love that I can easily check on her right before I go to bed at night. 
I'll be talking more a little later on my tips for a smooth toddler bed transition, but for now I'll say that having this monitor is definitely a tip that will help out!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

Thank you to Project Nursery for sponsoring this post!

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  1. You have a great family! Totally agree with you. At Grade miners rated this monitor very high so I purchased it as well and didn't regretted.