Within the Walls of My Home

Wednesday, November 9, 2016
Photo credit to Kiely Ro Photography 

Part of me is saying it's not worth my time to write this post, but the other part of me is saying "hey wait, isn't this why you started a blog?" 
Sooo... here goes Nothin!

I'm not going to tell you who I voted for, because to be honest that shouldn't matter.
If you liked me before the whole voting scene went down, why should that change?
I won't define you by who you voted for, and I sure hope you won't, me. 
We all woke up this morning and went about our lives per usual, correct?
Maybe a few were celebrating, a few were crying, and a few were upset, sure... but we all lived the same Wednesday we always do.
Because that's the thing... this country will not change over night.
America has undergone some pretty rough things in the past, if you paid attention at all in school you'll agree with me there, and somehow we survived it all.
If you aren't a fan of the new president, that's fine, but please don't act out irrationally.
The United States of America is and should be just that... United.
With each other, with our neighbors, with our families, and our president.
I get it, you don't agree with everything he stands for... but will you ever agree with everything a president stands for?
Probably not.
I didn't agree with quite a few things our last president changed and believed in, but my life still went on and I chose to focus on the bigger, more eternal picture. 
If you're planning on moving tomorrow, so be it.
But as for me, I am entirely proud to be an American no matter who is in office.
Our country is not defined by our president, it is defined by our people.
So try, and try hard, to be a people of love, compassion, and empathy.
You may not agree with him, me, or her... but you can still choose to represent yourself in a respectful matter.

Alright, now that those thoughts are out... 
I want to ask you to think about what is most important to you.
Think real hard.
I hope more than anything, you are thinking about your family.
Whether that be your immediate family, extended family, or those that are "like family," those are the people we should truly be thinking about right now.
I encourage each of you that are reading this to stop scrolling through Facebook and posting your differing opinions on people's statuses and to think about what you can do to create a stronger family focused on Christ. 
Because that is what matters, and if you have faith in The Lord, you have faith in our country. 
So as for me, I'm not freaking out about this election.
I can't believe we ended up with those two candidates... but I knew I could live with either one of them in office because they make temporal decisions, not eternal. 

As for me, I'll be using these times of disagreement as a time to teach my children what really matters.
And, I'll be doing this within the walls of my own home; where only mine and my husband's opinions matter.
My goal is to make our home a sanctuary that my family looks forward to coming home to.
That will only happen if I teach them correct principles, not those of hate and judgement.

I'll teach them that racism is two sided and can be demolished if we have the pure love of Christ in our hearts.
I'll teach them to respect others even if they have a differing opinion.
I'll be teaching them that women are strong and important, but men are too. 
I'll be teaching them that love conquers all hate and to love as they wish to be loved.
I'll also be teaching them that the going will get rough, but it's how we handle ourselves in those moments that defines us.
I'll teach them that we will always respect our president because he/she is an imperfect person too, and everyone deserves a chance.
I'll teach them to pray, in all things and through all things.
Last but absolutely not least, I'll always emphasize that the world we're living in currently is not forever. This world is in control of our Maker, and he has a plan for us that will make every trial and hardship worth it to experience pure and complete joy. 

So if today, yesterday, or tomorrow you're having a hard time, try a little harder to remember that all that really matters, is what happens within the walls of your own home.
If you really want to make a difference, raise the next generation of voters to have a little more love, understanding, compassion, honesty, and faith in their hearts.

All my love,
Aleigh Joy