Happy Friendsgiving!

Wednesday, November 23, 2016

I am so so so excited to share all the details from this event! On November first I threw a "Friendsgiving" with my friend Natashia from Canary Jane and Steffanie from Life With Wings. We invited some blogger friends, ate yummy food, socialized, had a little presentation, giveaways, and listened to a musical artist. The thought to do this came after we came home from California after my father in law passed away. I was in a weird state of mind and was having a hard time seeing what I have to be grateful for. All I could think of were the negative things going on and how life just seemed so hard. I was kind of in desperate need to just vent and talk about everything floating around in my head. Natashia and I had been planning on getting together for some time but finally got around to it once I got home. She had just experienced a miscarriage and my heart was hurting from the emotional roller coaster we've gone through over here. We sat there and talked and listened and ate as our little girls played at the park. Our thoughts ran deep and I found myself sharing things I hadn't even shared with family. I felt like I had known Natashia forever and really appreciated her being there for me. I wanted to do something to really advertise my Thankful Heart Series and a little blogger event seemed like the perfect idea. I was so thankful for the friendship Natashia offered that I figured a Friendsgiving would be the perfect fit. She jumped right on board and we got to planning. Not long after that we started hanging out weekly with Steffanie and she jumped on board too! These ladies are so incredibly talented and I am beyond thankful for them! Putting it all together was a blast and we got so lucky with the best sponsors out there! Sooo I figured I'd share a bit about all of it here :)

We held the event at the Very Jane headquarters. They have the most beautiful space in all the land. We were thrilled to have them host the party there because that meant we hardly even needed to decorate. It was beautiful as it is in there! When guests arrived they socialized a bit and looked all around. Seriously how could you not? The Jane headquarters literally has a barber shop in it! However, we did decorate a little! All of the cute gold foil balloons are from Northstar Balloons and I loved that pop of gold! Each table had a like real tablecloth, utensils, and a cup from Consumer Crafts, flowers, greenery, a leaf from Rodworks, and a Bridgewater Candle. On the big food table we had super cute chalkboard pumpkins from Rodworks and a bunch of gourds, small pumpkins, and greenery in wood boxes steff had. We implemented hints of chambray all over the place and loved the unique touch. Our photographer was the wonderful Summer Nicole Photo and all images from this blog post are taken by her. Our adorable videographer was Kallie Cooper and you can check out the video here but I'm also going to put it at the bottom of this post ;)

We then had everyone head over to the tables to eat some yummy food! Around Eatery is a newer restaurant in the Lehi area and I dream about their curried cauliflower! They supplied buffalo chicken  ranch wraps and cranberry turkey wraps. Both were sooo yummy! They also supplied a winter salad with a Utah cider vinaigrette. You guys, that place is seriously amazing. I've tried several things on the menu now and crave it alllll the time! Black Sheep Cafe supplied Cactus Pear lemonade and not only was it such a fun color, but it tasted sooo good! It was so fun to have something fruity to sip on throughout the meal. Black sheep also has super yummy food and I definitely crave their burgers! Oh Joy bakery supplied the cupcakes and I don't wanna sound conceited but they were pretty good ;) Yep, I made them! So now the secret is out! I'm starting up my little in home bakery again! Before I got married I made cupcakes for events and totally loved it. Here's to another business venture! Stay tuned for more info on that!

After we finished eating we brought everyone over to listen to a little presentation. I talked a bit about my Thankful Heart Series and encouraged others to join in the fun because seriously, I just love this series! While the event was for bloggers, the series is for absolutely everyone! I'd love for you to read about it here and join in! Next week is the last week til next year! After that I handed the mic over to Natashia. Have I mentioned she's probably the most creative person I have ever met?? Seriously. She created some super cool thankful tree illustrations that you can download from her blog here. It could be a fun family thing to do on Thanksgiving! We then had some super fun giveaways from Freshly Picked, Rad Swim, Agnes and Dora, Bridgewater Candles, and Kortni Jeane. Right after that we had the amazingly talented Calee Reed serenade us with her gorgeous voice! She has such a great stage presence and an incredible voice which wrapped up everything perfectly! She chose super uplifting and motivating songs and I loved every minute of hearing her live. She has a CD out at Deseret Book and on iTunes, plus does all the Time Out For Women Conferences! So make sure to check her out!

To end things how any blogger would, we took a million and a half photos! haha. Natashia created this amazing backdrop and I just loved it! It was so fun to get together and take some fun photos. On everyone's way out they got to grab a swag bag filled with a whole lot of goodies! There was: the darling canvas tote from Very Jane, a hot iron holster from Holster Brands, swim bottoms from Kortni Jeane, a beanie from Rad Swim, a gift card to Around Eatery, coupons from Loved By Sophia, consumer crafts, gathre, and rodworks, a sample from tubby todd, a gold foil print from Calligraphy.org, baby bib from Copper Pearl, Macaroons from Sugar and Confetti, a candle from Bridgewater Candles, a wallet from Thread Wallets, and a piece of jewelry from Hope Ave or Downeast! I absolutely love every single one of these companies and was so excited to have them in the bags! Also, my dress, Steff's dress, and Natashia's shirt are from Downeast as well. 

And last but absolutely not least, here's the fun video by Kallie!
I hope you guys got some inspo for a future freindsgiving!
And... a huge thank you to our sponsors and all who came!
All my love,
Aleigh Joy

Friendsgiving from KC Film & Photo on Vimeo.


  1. So fun! I wish I would have known about it -- I would have come down!

  2. This looks like so much fun! :) I need friends. Hahaha!!