Three Steps to an Awesome Date Night In

Sunday, November 20, 2016
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Hunter and I live away from most of our family and both grandmas. We have lots of friends here, but asking a friend to watch your child can be hard. Especially if they have kids too! We never want to inconvenience anyone and when someone other than family is watching Oaks I get super paranoid. We really try to go on a date once a week because it is so important for us to get away and remember what life was like before becoming parents, but it can definitely be difficult to find a babysitter at a convenient time. We've been really lucky to have Hunter's sister close by to watch Oaks when she's available, but occasionally a date night in is what we do to give ourselves a special night, just the two of us. I know several people think of date night in as not a fun date, but it can be super fun! So, I'm including three tips in this post to make an awesome date night in.

Step 1) Plan out a great meal
Hunter and I are total foodies. We love a good date night meal and love to taste each other's meal. We are fans of bold flavors and meals that look good. Appearance is totally huge for us ;) With the holidays here, we are trying to implement healthier dishes into our meals. When planning a date night in recently, I came across MorningStar Farms® Veggie Bowls and loved all the different flavor options. While I'm a huge fan of making my own meals and testing out new recipes, I think date night should be fun and relaxing. Veggie bowls are a convenient and a delicious "as-is" meal solution. MorningStar Farms Veggie Bowls are not only for vegetarians—they are for everyone. My husband even loved them! Veggie Bowls are made with Chik’n Strips, Steak Strips and Veggie Sausage Crumbles™. The Chik’n Strips are 100% vegan chik’n strips, lightly seasoned, and have 23g of protein with just 150 calories. Steak Strips are 100% vegan steak strips, lightly seasoned, and also offer 23g of protein at 150 calories. While Veggie bowls are perfect for a date night in, they are also good for all ages, demographics, and lifestyles. They taste good, are good for you, and are good for the world. Choose whatever meal you and your significant other really love, but I highly recommend MorningStar Farms® Veggie Bowls! We tried Chik’n Tikka Masala and Japanese Soba Noodles and they both had a really yummy flavor.

Step 2) Give yourself time to get "date night ready"
Just because you and your love aren't going out on the town, doesn't mean you can't get all dressed up! Spend a little extra time on your hair and makeup and be in one of your best dresses when he gets home. Have a vase of flowers on the table with dinner already made and you have yourself the perfect date night. Make sure you give yourself enough time to get ready for your date because if there's one thing I've learned in marriage, it's that men don't like waiting ;) Have fun with the ambiance and light some candles, turn on some music, and maybe even dim the lights if you can. Giving yourself time to get all of this ready will ensure you both have a wonderful experience dating inside your own home. Also, give yourself time to be ready to give your fully devoted attention to your loved one. I didn't think this was hard to do until I started having deadlines for my blog, a child to think about, numerous house chores, and other errands that need to be run. Make sure you get everything you need to do done ahead of time so you can be fully involved on your date. 

Step 3) Have a fun activity planned
There are actually so any fun activities out there you can do within your own home. No wasting gas, no sitting at stop lights, no loud crowds or busy restaurants... just the two of you in your house. You could set up blankets and pillows on the ground in front of the tv to make a cozy little spot that is perfect for snuggling to watch a movie. Pick out a movie you both haven't seen before and make a fun treat! You could also eat your MorningStar Farms® Veggie Bowls during this part of the date if you want! You can also do a little spa night in! Give each other massages and facials. Light some candles and give a foot rub! Have a relaxing night in. Have a game night! Buy some good 'ol board games that were your favorite growing up and play them all. You could also play video games, play 20 questions, or make one up! We also love going through old photos and reminiscing on the fun times we've had. Doing that with family videos is a blast too. One last idea is to have a workout date! Come up with some fun workouts together or find one online and get your sweat on together!

So now I want to know, what are your best date night in ideas??

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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