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Thursday, June 30, 2016

I'll admit it, after having my daughter, I noticed my closet slowly transitioning to having more and more black.
While I actually love black clothing and don't think there is anything really wrong with owning it, I did notice I became afraid of patterns and fun colors. 
It's just something about the new body I had to learn to love that made me think black was my only option.
Slowly, I tried to change that with each new day.
I became okay with the fact that my hips were permanently a little wider and I accepted the fact that my ever-growing black wardrobe, just wasn't gonna cut it. 
I know you've heard me say it before, but I'm going to go ahead and say it again... I struggled with PPD after Oaklyn was born and getting dressed became such a chore when it used to be something I looked forward to each day. 
I love that the clothing we all choose is a perfect expression of our personalities and that there are tons of different styles out there to be tried.
I'd like to hope that others think that I have a "colorful" personality.
I strive to bring light and happiness into any room I enter and I want my clothes to reflect that.
Thankfully with LulaRoe, they can!

I'm sure this has happened to just about everyone reading this post... you log on to Facebook and you notice someone has added you to a new group.
You enter the page and the first thing you notice is a whole bunch of bright and colorful clothing.
You keep scrolling and you notice people rapidly writing "SOLD" on an item and after they pay the group owner, the item is all theirs!
Wait, did you get that... You log on to Facebook, look at the pictures of clothes, decide what you like, and purchase it straight from there!
No getting out of your jammies, no putting makeup on, no crying from the kids in the back seat as you head over to the mall... you literally get to stay home and have the item delivered straight to your doorstep!

So what's the craze over all this brightly colored clothing and leggings being referred to as "buttery soft?" 
Well, you will quickly find that the LulaRoe items you purchased are just about the most comfortable clothing in your closet.
Comfy and cute? Sign me up!
Not only that, but these clothes are modest and fit like a dream.
Every bit of my postpartum self feels comfortable in my LulaRoe clothes, so much that I may never take the leggings off ;)
LulaRoe offers several different styles of clothes so you are bound to find something that fits your preference.
From flowy dresses to pencil skirts, and cardigans to t-shirts, your consultant has got it all!
Once you find the style you like, the next huge decision is which print you like!
I am constantly amazed at how many prints LulaRoe has to offer. 
So if you like one, act fast, because your consultant will never get that same print twice!

LulaRoe is unlike most businesses in the sense that they are not sold on store fronts.
LulaRoe was founded off the idea of wanting to encourage woman to run their own businesses.
When you become a consultant with LulaRoe, you now own your own business that you get to run on your own.
How cool is that?
"LuLaRoe exists to provide an opportunity for people to create freedom by selling comfortable, affordable, stylish clothing, and offering its consultants the independence to set their own pace and schedule. This creates the time to spend with those closest to them, the very thing DeAnne had once desired for herself!"

Have I sold you on these clothes yet?
If so, let me now help you find a place to buy them!
I was able to work directly with Jamie Eberle, a LulaRoe consultant, and have loved my experience with her!
She has an awesome selection to choose from and is right there if you need any help or have any questions.
Here's a little about Jamie:
"My name is Jamie Eberle and I live in Broken Bow, Nebraska with my husband Troy and our 2 boys, Maclin & McCray.  I was introduced to LuLaRoe from a good friend that was an consultant and purchased some items from her and I immediately fell in love with their clothes. It helped me branch out of my comfort zone of black and white solid colors to fun and unique pattern. Not to mention all the amazingly soft fabrics.  I love the variety you get of patterns so your always different.  I wanted to bring this clothing to where i live so i became a consultant so other women in my community could have the fun i was having with the clothing."
I love that Jamie really believes in this brand and is so excited to sell it!
Everything I am wearing (and constantly wear) in these photos are from her Facebook group.
I loved that she packaged the items super cute, and even wrote a sweet note!
So head on over to her Facebook group to purchase your first item from LulaRoe!
You can also stay up to date on the new merchandise she is receiving by following her instagram account.
I'm also super excited to let all of you guys know that if you make a purchase with Jamie and mention my post, you will receive 15% off your order and have a chance at winning a free pair of leggings!
So, run! Don't walk ;)
One more time... the link to her Facebook group to shop is right here :)

I hope you all fall in love with these clothes just as I have!
Don't forget to always dress and live colorfully :)

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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