Here's to You Dad!

Saturday, June 18, 2016

I've always adored my dad, and I've always been excited to see my husband become a dad, but I didn't really understand everything that dads do, until I became a mother.
I think we can all agree that dads are pretty awesome.
There really isn't anything quite like a hug from your daddy.
And from the motherhood standpoint, they always seem to walk in at the perfect moment.
You know... that moment when you are at your wits end...
And, they play with the kids.
They ask you how your day has been.
They pretend to be a trampoline, a superhero, and a basketball hoop all as he listens to you rant about the 10 poopy diapers you changed that day.

From a child's eye, it seems that you can always count on your dad to be the first one to say no... (haha) and the first one to catch you when you fall.
Dad's are tough, they support, encourage, love, smile after a long day, give you ice cream and cereal for dinner, and supply the absolute best hugs. 
Dads offer protection and instill confidence.
My dad always had words of wisdom to offer and made sure there was a roof over our heads.
I didn't know it at the time, but he dealt with the stress of bills, work, and you know... taking care of us.
In my mind, he was already a superhero.
But, now that I see my husband doing those same things, I am even more blown away by all the unnoticed things my dad did for us growing up. 

I want to paint a scenario in your head.
It's 5:30 and you haven't even thought about what you're going to feed your family for dinner.
The baby has been throwing tantrums more than ever today, you dealt with and cleaned up yet another blow out, you managed to get the grocery shopping done in [almost] one piece, you watched the same Disney movies over and over again, you thought you might get a break during nap time but today the toddler decided she doesn't want to nap, there's spilt milk in more places than you can count but if you clean it it'll just magically appear again, and there's a mountain [or two] of laundry piled up on the bed.
You're about to pull your hair out, or run away, because it has just been one of those days...
And then, the door opens.
The kids run to the door and the toddler isn't far behind saying "dadadadada" over and over as you take a deep breath and realize your help just arrived. 
As you flash a relieved smile, he scoops the kids up and they tell him all about their day. 
You watch from a distance as he pretends he didn't just have another hard day at work, because he knows and expects there is still more work to be done.
He plays with the kids as you prepare dinner, he washes the dishes as you dry, he helps with bath time, he sings the little songs and reads the tiny books, he prays for his babies and he hugs you tight.
And you mama? You just smile and thank The Lord for dads.


It's easy, especially for me, to overlook all that dads actually do.
They have endless jobs they are performing and roles they are fulfilling, yet, they still make time for family and raising their children.
They are their daughters first love and their sons first hero.
Behind every great child, is a loving dad that supported them the whole way.
So here's to you dad!
To my dad, to the dad of my child, to my grandfathers, to your grandfathers and husbands... to dads everywhere, thank you!
For loving, protecting, serving, providing, encouraging, simplifying, rescuing, exemplifying, and smiling.
Happy Father's day to dads everywhere, you are and will always be, a superhero.

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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