My Little Book Worm

Wednesday, April 6, 2016
This post has been sponsored by BookRoo. All opinions are mine. 

Hi Friends!
First things first, I'm sorry I've been out of the office so much this past week!
(office = my bed)
I decided to paint two walls last week so they would be done before some family came into town and was a mad woman cleaning up the never ending messes created by my tiny person. 
SO... this week, Tasty Tuesday will be returning and several other "catch up" posts will be happening.
One more update... I've entered the periscope world! (I would insert the monkey emoji covering its face right now if it were possible)
It's equally as fun and exciting as it is terrifying.
So, catch me live over there by clicking this link.
I can't promise I'll always be entertaining... but I do have some fun topics coming up! ;)

Okay, now on to the real topic of this post!
My daughter is a total book worm.
She loves, loves, loves her books whether it be to chew on them, flip through the pages at top speed, point to all the drawings, or to actually have the book read to her!

When my Oaklyn girl was just "a baby in my tummy" and I was planning out her nursery, I decided having book shelves filled to the brim was of great importance. 
My mom did a "book raffle" at my shower for the guests.
For every book guests brought, they were entered into a raffle to win a gift.
I was so pleased with the pile of books I received from gracious friends and could not wait to read them to my little princess. 

It definitely took a little while for Oaklyn to warm up to the idea of liking books... but I'm so happy that she now absolutely loves them!
Books are a huge part of our nightly routine and will almost always entertain her during those frequent fussy moments.
I was never a huge reader growing up other than binge reading a Nicholas Sparks book here and there... but I'm so excited to read with and to Oaklyn.

Though I love books and love having new ones for my daughter, I'll be the first to say that theprice can quickly add up.
Especially because the cheap paper ones just get ripped with my crazy little one.
And as much as I love a good deal at a thrift store, there's just not really any great ways to clean children's books... 
That being said, I have an awesome solution!

I recently found out about BookRoo and I am totally in love with the system!
In a nutshell, you sign up for the program, choose the type of books you would like to receive, select how many months you would like to receive a BookRoo box and you're all done!
By signing up you get three brand new books for a very small price every month!
Oaklyn loves the books that were sent to us this month and frequently hands them to me so she can sit on my lap and read them.

I treasure the moments spent with her on my lap flipping through the pages of her books.
Her shelves are currently filled with books and I just can't wait to continue adding on to the collection.
I'm so glad that it can be so easy with BookRoo!
It is so important to read to your children and I am trying to start that as soon as possible with Oaklyn.
To get $5 off your purchase with BookRoo just click here (or any of the other links in this post) and the code will be applied at checkout!

Do you love reading to your children?
What is your favorite children's book?

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

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