Oaklyn's Christmas List 2015

Saturday, December 5, 2015

Dear Santa,

I've been extra good this year! I've learned how to eat by myself, I've started to sleep a bit better, I decided I'll be okay if my mommy puts me down every now and then, and I only cry when I really need something! Well... okay, so I'm working on that last one. I'm hoping you'll bring me something extra special this year. I know EXACTLY what I want! My mama thinks all these flashy, colorful toys will make me happy, but here's a list of things I really want!

-Shoes. Any size and any color but please make sure they have laces! I don't know what it is about the dirty ones but those taste the best! I can't figure out why my mommy always takes them away from me. They're on the floor, in my sight, and in my reach. They were clearly put there for me to eat... right? 
-Cords! All sorts of cords! I love them all! In particular though, I would really like a laptop cord! My parents won't share theirs with me. It makes me really sad because I thought sharing was caring! Sometimes I yell at them but that just seems to upset them more. I just can't win. So maybe you could bring me a laptop cord? Or headphones, a straightener or curling iron cord, and I really like phone chargers!
-Okay this one is a MUST. Pretty please bring me some keys! I could chew on them all day! If I cry enough my mom will hand them to me while she shops around. Then, we get to the car and she takes them away! I don't understand why! She doesn't need them, I do! Sometimes she tries to give me these plastic colored ones and it makes me so mad! I want the real thing Santa!
-I would LOVE a huge trash can full of wrappers! I need them! I could listen to that crinkle noise all day long! I finally figured out how to knock the trash can over and my mom quickly took it away! I was so frustrated! I finally figured it out and instead of congratulating me she takes it away... how selfish!
-So my mom and dad have these rectangular things that light up and make all kinds of cool noises. I think they call them phones... I want one of those! I think it's so cool that my dad's voice can come out of it and I especially love that I can press that big circle and it lights up! Not only that, but I get to look at a ton of pretty pictures of myself on it! Oh, and not to mention, it tastes really really good.
-Last but not least, please give me some of my mom's necklaces. Or maybe just get me some of my own? Preferably the ones with a a lot going on, tons of colors, and jingle when you shake them! My mom figured out how to attach it to her body so no matter how hard I pull, I can't get it! I got really mad once and managed to pull it off but then I noticed my mom got really sad and told my daddy that she can't wear anything nice around me. I really think she needs some lessons on sharing...

Well Santa, that concludes my list for this year!
I can't tell you how badly I want these things!
I met you tonight and wanted to tell you but I got really scared and just couldn't help but cry.
I'm sorry. Please forgive me!
I can't wait to look under the tree on Christmas day!

All my love,
Oaklyn Joy

ps. I'll be at grammy and grandpa's on Christmas this year so deliver all presents there :)

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