Couples Cookie Exchange 2015

Wednesday, December 16, 2015
This post is gonna be short cause I really should go to bed...
Who am I kidding? My posts are never short.
Here's to trying!

We had a super fun Christmas party with our friends last weekend!
I've seriously been dreaming up this party since we got married and we finally made it happen!
I really loved the idea of doing a cookie exchange because I looked forward to my mom coming home from cookie exchanges every year.
She would bring home a giant plate of all kinds of cookies and we would get to taste them all!
It's usually a "girl's only" type of event, but I wanted it to be a couples thing!
So, I planned some games, thought up the menu, and got to planning.
We hardly spent anything because our home was already decorated for Christmas.
I just threw in a few more pretty touches, bought some food, set up a photo booth, and of course got some paper goods.

I set up a pasta bar because it was easy to feed a big group and, who doesn't like pasta?
We visited and chatted with each other, laughed at Oaklyn, took home plates of delicious homemade cookies, and played minute to win it games!
The games were hilarious and it was shocking how good some of the couples were at the games!
I wish I would've taken a picture of Hunter scooting a cookie down his face, Audrey and Josh stacking ornaments on a yard stick, me and brooke trying to get a pom pom to stick to our vaseline covered noses, Jordyn and Cody putting ornaments between their lips and trying to hang them between chairs, and Chels sucking up marshmallows with a straw!
Seriously, they were so fun!
I didn't want to be "that host" just taking pictures the whole time so we all just lived in the moment but here's the few I did get :)
This party is definitely going to be an annual thing from here on out!

All my love,
Aleigh Joy

A few couples had to leave before pictures were taken but here's some of us!

And the invite! Sorry guys, I didn't want you all to see our address but that was in the blacked out middle ;)

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  1. What a great idea having it as a couples event! We normally do it with the girls and then take home a box of cookies for the guys to share. The guys normally get together to do something manly - chili or burgers. I'll have to keep this in mind for next year! :)